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Special Missions #7- "The Old Switcheroo"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Herb Trimpe

A group of student terrorists from Sierra Gordo, dubbed the Menshevikistas, attack the Cobra Consulate Building in Manhattan. They break in, threaten to bomb the place, and force an evacuation. This allows a small team of Joes to sneak into the building and plant a bugging device inside the Building. The students detonate the "bomb"...but it turns out that it was really tear gas and that they were set-up by Chuckles. All part of the plan. The Joes safely walk out of the Consulate, while the Baroness and Zarana have a cat-fight.


  • Lady Jaye dresses up like the Baroness and delivers a video message to the Menshevikistas to rile them up.
  • After the Menshevikistas take over the Consulate, the Baroness exclaims: "We're being blackmailed by radical yuppie terrorists!" They're part of the "counter-revolutionaries" of Sierra Gordo, out ot thwart Cobra's backing of the "revolution".
  • The Menshevikistas enter the Consulate in a van for "Penultimate Pest Control: You got'em, we swat 'em". Complete with an Itchy n' Scratchy like cartoon logo, the company's address is 387 Park Ave So.-- same as the Marvel office. They also use a second van, disguised as the "Cerebrus Security Corp". Cerebrus, being the mythical dog who guarded Hell.
  • First appearance of Psyche-Out and he's basically used as a psychologist. He believes that all the events will force Baroness and Zarana to bicker. Yeah.... field psychologist, good thing to have.
  • The Joes fly onto the top of the Consulate in propellor-powered gliders. Sorta' like the goofy 1991/1992 "Air Gilder" toys..or whatever they were called.
  • All Marvel comics in this month had a Bullpen Bulletins "Pro File" on Larry Hama. Interesting, must-read stuff if you like Hama. Among the highlights, he mentions that his greatest unfulfilled ambition is: "to write Uncle Scrooge!"(he cites the amazing Carl Barks as one of his influences). He also list one of his pet peeves as "fanzine writers above the age of 15". Oooo..snap!
Characters (figures): Chuckles, Psyche-Out, Dial Tone, Breaker, Tunnel Rat, Lady Jaye, Baroness, Zarana, Dr. Mindbender

Characters ("comic-only"): Menshevikistas

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none!
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): propeller gliders

Vehicles: none

Rating: Rating: 2 Flag Points

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