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Special Missions #22: "Decisions"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Dave Cockrum

Terrorists have taken a family hostage in their Iowa home. The Joes and FBI Agent Saxon stake the place out, noticing the evil grin on a man in the kitchen. When the Joe make their move, they've mistaken the identities of the hostage family and the terrorists, based on physical appearances, alone. One terrorist tries to escape with the couple's son, but the dad picks up a rifle and blows her away-- after all, he was the instructor at the Marine Sniper School.


  • Final tagline in this issue tells us to "read about the marine corps, every month in Semper Fi from Marvel Comics"! Semper Fi was a short-lived (9 issue) Marvel military comic that sprang out of the Vietnam fad of the mid to late 80's. Hama was officially a "consulting editor" on the title. It was canceled shortly after this issue hit the stands.
  • The big issue here in this story that the dad, Lazlo Bronsky, has a rictus-- nerve damage suffered during the Vietnam War, that left his face snarled up in an evil grin.
  • Another minor plot point involves the kid's M-16 water gun. Realistic-looking water guns were banned, circa 1991. This story saw print in 1989.
  • Interior work and the cover were done by famous X-men artist Dave Cockrum.
  • The Joes arrive, undercover, in an Moran Pumbing & Heating van. I'm not sure of any possible connection or in-joke with that name.
  • No affilitation or motive is given for the generic "terrorists".
Characters (figures): Chuckles, Lady Jaye, Hit & Run, Shockwave

Characters ("comic-only"): FBI Agent Saxon, The Bronskys (Lazlo, Fatima & Mikey), the "Terrorists" (Bill, Mary & Erich), Ida Lee Hough (Bronskys' neighbor)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: The Bronskys (Lazlo, Fatima & Mikey), the "Terrorists" (Bill, Mary & Erich)
Vehicles: none

Rating: Rating: 2 Flag Points

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