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Special Missions #20 "Snow Blind"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Herb Trimpe

In the Bering Strait, the Joes and Oktober Guard run into a column of Cobra Wolves. After some clever manuvering and a "snow tank" duel, it's revealed that Cobra has a Terror Drome beneath the ice. It's been broadcasting those pesky "fear waves" again, to stir up and maintain paranoia between the Russians and Americans. The Joes and the Guard manage to blow it up, seemingly ending Cobra's operations in the area.


  • Hey... the cover date on this issue was March 1989...and the Berlin Wall and the Cold War both fell apart in November 1989. Paranoia between the US and Russia was substantially lowered. Coincidence?!!
  • This is basically the snow tank version of the famous "air duels" that had run over the years. It's the Snowcat vs. the Cobra Wolf. I don't think we ever got a "MOBAT or Mauler vs. HISS" issue, though. That would've been fun.
  • Would've been nice to have a mention of Kwinn, again. Or some acknowledgment to issue 2.
  • For probably the only time in the series, Snow Job actually uses his SKIIS!! He skiis out in a blizzard and plants a bomb on a Wolf.
  • The famous "Ski-missiles" of both the Snowcat and Wolf play a big part in this story.
  • First time we've seen a Terror Drome being used since that plan fell apart in issue 68. Makes sense that they've all wouldn't have disappeared, overnight.
Characters (figures): Wild Bill, Slipstream, Frostbite, Snow Job, Avalanche, Airborne

Characters ("comic-only"): Col. Brekhov, Daina, Horrorshow

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Snowcat, Cobra Wolf, Cobra Terror Drome
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): GI Joe C-130, Oktober Guard BTR-80 APC (possibly the same one they've used before, but now it's finally named).

Characters: none
Vehicles: none

Rating: Rating: 3 Flag Points

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