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Special Missions #19- "Getting There"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Herb Trimpe

Wild Bill and Lift-Ticket lead a Tomahawk crew along the Mekong River to pick up Chuckles' team. After avoiding gunnery batteries and a duel with two Russian HINDs, they have to land and steal the fuel from a HIND. They eventually make it to the pick-up site and find Chuckles and his pals.


  • Secondary story to issue 18 and concludes the 4-part "Southeast Asia Mission" that had been going on since issue 14. This issue just adds some backstory of how the Tomahawk arrived. Pretty much a "spotlight on the Tomahawk" story. It was one of the better Joe vehicles (in all 3 mediums), by the way.
  • This story has a very "Vietnam movie" feel to it. Only thing missing is an insane door gunner, blowing away locals and hollering "get some! get some!!"
  • Once again, fuel is a big part of the airlift. They start off by hauling extra drums in the Tomahawk's open bay (ya'd THINK they'd get some doors for the thing).
  • Iceberg mentions that his team has been gone for "three months", which would work in both real time and the always ambiguous "comic time".
  • No specific country is mentioned, again. Probably intended to be either Cambodia or Vietnam.
  • We learn that "JP-4" is military jargon for jet fuel.
  • Muskrat's being used again and he seems to be becoming a favorite of Hama. He's a somewhat ornery guy, but still a good trooper.
  • Repeater is using "special" teflon-coated bullets that play into the plot and the duel with the HIND.
  • The Joes read their orders, in-flight, and are instructed to destroy them. This apparently means "eat them", as Lift-Ticket hopes they're printed on the easier-to-digest paper stock.
Characters (figures): Wild Bill, Lift-ticket, Muskrat, Lifeline, Repeater, Keel-Haul, Chuckles, Iceberg, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett

Characters ("comic-only"): HIND pilots Anatoly & Misha (both croak)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, USS Flagg
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Russian HINDs

Characters: Anatoly & Misha
Vehicles: none

Rating: Rating: 2 Flag Points

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