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Special Missions #18- "Extraction"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Herb Trimpe

Chuckles, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Iceberg are still returning from their mission to the Hidden Valley. Floating down the Mekong River in SE Asia, they stop some revolutionaries from shooting an old man. Politics say they shold stay out of it, but Snake-Eyes swims off and intervenes. The old man, Dr. Krim, lets the Joes stay with him while they await their pick-up chopper.

Dr. Kim's farm is right in the middle of a conflict between the revolutionary forces of "Big Tep"-- backed by Destro, and the communist regime of General Lom--who has the support of the Oktober Guard. Big Tep's forces force Lom's men back and decide to set up camp in Dr. Krim's farm. They're about to execute Krim, when the hidden Joes suddenly come down from attic and blow away all of Big Tep's men. Rather than go to the States, Dr. Krim wants to remain behind in his home.


  • Lot of philosophy from Dr. Krim. He's a humble, hard working man and the type of "Human Yoda" character that Hama liked to sprinkle in (like the Hidden Valley's Abbot or The Soft Master). You feel bad for him, since both his farm and prize water buffaloes are destroyed. Yet he feels no true anger.
  • Krim was a former professor at a "large university", but became a farmer when the revolution began arbitrarily killing people for preposterous reasons.
  • Destro's forces are backing Big Tep, in exchange for future concessions once the contry is overthrown.
  • No specific country is mentioned, just "on the Mekong River".
  • Trimpe's pencils become very reminiscent of Jack Kirby during the battle scenes.
  • First time Dragonsky has been seen with the Oktober Guard since his debut in Yearbook #2.
  • In the beginning, Snake-Eyes swims off the boat to save Dr. Krim. Just like in Yearbook #4, Snake-Eyes is probably the closest thing the Joes have to a regular superhero. Due to politics, the Joes can't interfere in local conflicts, but Snake-Eyes does so because it's simply the right thing to do.
  • If the Joes haven't made it back home, yet....so what was Scarlett doing in Siliconville, last issue? Simple No-Prize explanation: Special Missions proclaimed itself as "the missions we couldn't talk about--until now!" While issue 18 likely took place before issue 17, it took longer for the events of issue 18 to become declassified. You have to play into the gimmick. Same thing will apply to next issuse, which tells the story of the Tomahawk finding Chuckles' little crew.
Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Chuckles, Iceberg, Voltar

Characters ("comic-only"): Dr. Krim, Gen. Lom (dies), Big Tep (dies), Col. Brekhov, Schrage, Stormavik, Daina, Horrorshow, Dragonsky

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Destro's DEMON, Tomahawk (cameo)
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Oktober Guard HIND, Oktober Guard APC

Characters: Voltar, Dr. Krim, Big Tep, Gen. Lom
Vehicles: none

Rating: Rating: 4 Flag Points

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