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European Missions #9- "Diamond Lies!"
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Robin Smith

Cobra's been stealing a buncha' diamonds, so Action Force sets a trap by getting Cover Girl to publicly walk around Amsterdman wearing the "Watchstar Diamond". This brings out Cobra operatives Copperhead and Weaponsmith, who capture Cover Girl, blow up a few bridges in Amsterdamm, then escape to a windmill in the countryside. Weaponsmith finds out that the Watchstar is just a fake, but it has a homing device in it. Action Force arrives, as Weaponsmith is thrilled to test out his new diamond-based laser, the Stone Killer (the diamonds amplify the laser's power tenfold). After a firefight, Flint corners Weaponsmith on top of the windmill for the obligatory hero vs villain fisticuffs. Cover Girl manages to gain control of the Stone Killer. After Flint jumps away, she completely fries the top half of the windmill and Weaponsmith.

European Missions #9b- "Cut and Run"
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Kev Hopgood

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes arrive in Action Force's subterranean London base to pick up a captured Eel (from issue 8). Before they do, Flint wants to show off the enhanced "SIMCON" room (basically a fancy training course, or a "Danger Room"). But the Eel had already managed to escape and, after posing as a SIMCON robot, leaps into the room's inlet into the Thames River and escapes.


  • Probably the only GI Joe story, ever, that focussed extensively on Cover Girl. Her modeling background was brought up, but she's nothing more than a "damsel in distress". She runs around in a slinky mini-skirt for the entire issue and there's even a creepy bondage scene to satisfy spank-bankers (relax, perverts... it's nothing to get excited about. The art's rather ordinary and any "sexiness" is all in your mind)
  • Weaponsmith is another exclusive "UK Comic Only" villain. He sorta' looks like the main villain from "Spiral Zone", and he has a GOATEE; which is the universal signal of EVIL!
  • Copperhead appears in Amsterdam, but disappears in the second half of the story. This time, it's implied that he's a unique guy named "Copperhead"; not like issue 1, where "Copperhead" seemed to refer to troopers in a distinctive unit.
  • While Cover Girl claims to be "Courtney Krieger", just a regalar model, Weaponsmith knows that she's actually an Action Force agent. So his whole plan was to lure out Action Force and kill 'em off with his new laser. Similar to issue 153, it's a fringe Cobra scientist trying to impress his superiors.
  • In the second story, we see that Action Force's base in located off of a tube in the London Underground. Specifically, the Westminster station.
  • Scarlett and Snake-Eyes are still mentioned as being special US operatives.
  • No "Personnel Profile" or letters column, this issue.
Characters (figures): Flint, Cover Girl, Beachhead, Roadblock, Leatherneck, Bazooka, Sci-Fi, Low-light, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Copperhead, Serpentor

Characters ("comic-only"): Weaponsmith

Vehicles and stuff (toys): AWE Striker, Dragonlfy, Water Moccasin, HISS Tank
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): None to speak of

Characters: Weaponsmith (croaks)
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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