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European Missions #7- "Smooth Operators"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciler:Kev Hopgood

Chased by Cobra Ferrets, Lady Jaye races through Northern Italy, en route to the the town of Lugacelli to transmit some Cobra data. To ensure her safe arrial, Low-Light and Dial-Tone both check into hotels, undercover. Dial-Tone expects the Cobra Tele-vipers to snoop, so he rigs up a lethal ultrasonic pitch. Low-Light finds a high tower and acts as a sniper to take out some more Cobras. Lady Jaye is able to reach a phone booth and transmit the data to Action Force HQ.

European Missions #7b- "Mark of the Assassin"
Writer: Ian Rimmer
Penciler: John McCrea

Millionaire TP Dexter is holding out on a Cobra financial deal, so Cobra Commander sends Storm Shadow to kill him. Stormie sneaks into Dexter's mansion and seemingly kills him with an arrow to the chest. After he leaves, it's revealed that it was just Dial-Tone in disguise, with lots of padding in his chest. Dexter is now presumed dead by Cobra and free of any obligations (presumably, he'll go into a witness protection program with Action Force's help). Most curious is that the assassination attempt was tipped off by an annonymous phonecall; which was actually Storm Shadow, who is no longer comfortable being in Cobra's employ.

European Missions #7c- "Gun Boat"
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Kev Hopgood

Cobra is planning an arms deal with Destro, onboard a luxury liner in London's docks while throwing a cocktail party for the public. Trent (suddenly not dead) briefs Action Force on the mission and they move into position. Flint and Lady Jaye go into the party undercover. To be continued...


  • The opening story is quite rudimentary with minimal dialogue. Just a chance to show off some Silver Mirage and Ferret toys. Somewhat welcome to US readers, simply because those two vehicles never had a proper "duel" (a la the recurring dogfights in the Marvel series).
  • Lady Jaye actually uses the Silver Mirage's missile to take out a Ferret. I don't think the missiles were ever used in either the US comics or the cartoons.
  • The third story deals with Destro's MARS company, once again. They really seem to play up the whole "weapons supplier" thing for Destro, which is kinda' cool.
  • Along those lines, Destro coldly remarks that he's a businessman and would "deal with Action Force if they were not such ridiculous idealists". A callback to Destro's file card.
  • Trent's alive and well. I don't think that's a slip-up, just that these stories have pretty much been reprints of the weekly Action Force serials and have been collected out-of-order. So the back-up story takes place before Trent's death in issue 2.
Characters (figures): Flint, Lady Jaye, Low-Light, Dial-Tone, Lifeline, Footloose, Shipwreck, Barbeque, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro

Characters ("comic-only"): Trent

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Silver Mirage Motorcycle, Cobra Ferret

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): None to speak of

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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