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European Missions #6- "As Thick as Thieves!"
Writer: Mike Collins
Penciler: Robin Smith

In a prequel to "Action Force: The Movie", Destro is placed on trial by Serpentor, Tomax and Xamot for "crimes against Cobra". In flashback, Destro recounts how he was trying to acquire the Broadcast Energy Transmitter (BET) for Cobra. In reality, Destro found the BET's energy duplication capabilities a threat to his oil business and was trying to "accidentally" destroy it. Destro led a Cobra force against Action Force on Borida Island in the Pacfic, but was ultimately unsuccessful. However, he did manage to place a tracer on the BET before retreating. In the present, Destro says "Cobra needs the Broadcast Energy Transmitter".. which causes Serpentor to fall into a trance and envision his dream woman, Pythona, saying the same thing. Serpentor then ends the trial, without any repercussions for Destro, and delcares how important it is to acquire the BET. After the trial Destro reveals to Cobra Commander that his tracer is working, as they can clearly see that the BET is now in the Himalayas.

European Missions #6b- "Killer Instinct"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciler: Bryan Hitch

An office worker named Edmunds at CEBG (Central Electricity Generating Board) is asleep at his desk and awakes to see Footloose shooting a disguised Cobra operative. Cobra was trying to blow-up CEBG's main plant (I'm guessing they're bascially "the electric company" in the UK). Edmunds is in shock at seeing Footloose kill somebody. When Footloose knocks-out a Crimson Guardsman, Edmunds demands that he also kill him. As Footloose leads him safely out of the plant, Edmunds is astonished to find out that he also has a "killer instinct"


  • Yes, someone actually wrote a prequel to "GI Joe: The Movie" (shaking my head in dismay).
  • Although, you could No-Prize this and make it still work in comic book canon. Serpentor's vision of Pythona could be chalked up to dementia from his spliced DNA. These comic book Action Forcers/Joes did, in fact, guard a BET in the Himalays. But that's it.... the events of "The Movie" never happen in the comic books. Serpentor still dies in Marvel issue 75, Pythona and Cobra-La are never seen (or even existed) and Cobra Commander is still the sleazy former used car salesman. He'll never complain that he "wasssss a man". In that regard, this story could exist in BOTH comic book and cartoon canons. It just had a different ending in each one.
  • Got it? Good! We shall never speak of Cobra-La or "GI Joe: The Movie" again.
  • Destro's flashback includes a scene at the London office of his MARS company.
  • Somewhat interesting that Destro has an oil company.
  • During the fight on Borida Island, Destro sneaks up beind Hawk and shoots him with a tranquilizer dart from his wrist-weapons. Might seem like an inconsistency, but if you look at his action figure, Destro's wrist-rockets were only on ONE arm. The other arm had soem weird dart-looking thing on it. This is probably the only time I've seen Destro use that other weapon.
  • This may have been the only appearance of "Pythona" outside of "GI Joe: The Movie"
  • The BET would eventually come back to comics. In 2008 for IDW Pubishing's dribbling shits of a GI Joe comic. ("Scar! Rat! Beach! Mains!")
  • Obviously, "Action Force: The Movie" is "GI Joe: The Movie", but I'm curious if it was dubbed-over or editted for UK audiences. And all the GI Joe cartoons, for that matter.
  • In the second story, Footloose uses the word "laddie" a lot, displaying some of the British roots of this series, once again. He also mentions that Action Force has been in the press. So they're not a "top-secret strike team" like the comic book Joes were.
  • The Transformers back-up story finally ends. An old Autobot named Centurion jumps on Megatron and they're both bombed by Skystrikers. The end. Although Wild Bill mentioned his days in Southeast Asia.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Dusty, Leatherneck (cameo), Roadblock (cameo), Destro, Tomax, Xamot, Serpentor, Baroness, Cobra Commander

Characters ("comic-only"): Pythona (although I guess she's more of a "cartoon only" character), Destro's MARS aide, BET audience.

Characters in Back-up Story (figures): Flint, Scarlett, Wild Bill

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Dragonfly, Skystriker, HAVOC (cameo), Cobra Hydrofoils, Cobra FANGs, Cobra Rattlers, Cobra Hydro-Sleds Vehicles and stuff (not toys): The BET

Characters: Pythona, Destros's MARS flunky
Vehicles and stuff: The BET

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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