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GI Joe European Missions #14- "War Beneath the Waves"

Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Robin Smith

Lt. Falcon leads a small team of Joes to a damaged WHALE in the Atlantic. By watching a video flashback on the hovercraft, they see how it was taken out by a crew of Cobra Eels, led by the new Hyrdo-Viper. The crew was captured and taken to an undersea base, along with the ship's Tactical Analysis Computer System (TACS); a "mother box" of sorts that can access all of Europe's defense systems. Cobra plans to auction the TACS off to the highest bidder.

Falcon's crew begins a rescue/attack operation on Cobra's undersea base. The captive Joes escape, the TACS is destroyed and more WHALE calvary arrives to destroy the surfacing base.

European Missions #14b- "Fast Feud!"
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Geoff Senior

The Joes attack Cobra's Tastee Burger shop from issue 8. Storm Shadow comes face-to-face with Scarlett and Gung Ho, but he's knocked out and captured by Flint. The base is shut down and the team uncovers more Cobra plans.


  • Diametrically opposite to the blase' attitude toward troops dying in issue 12, here Falcon is upset that some of his men are being held captive and tortured by Cobra. He ignores procedure and immediately begins a rescue op. This is more in-line with what we've come to expect from the Joes. Save the lives of your comrades at ALL costs.
  • It should be noted that Cobra Commander now wears his new battle armor, but when his helmet's off he's still wearing his old cowl.
  • First and only comic book appearance of the "Hydro-Viper". This was a new Cobra legion, but here it's one guy. Similar to the way they featured "The Strato-Viper" and "The Star Viper" in the US.
  • The Joes use little underwater diving propulsion devices to reach the base. They're similar to the sea-sleds from the WHALE.
  • The Eels more resemble the generic red-shirted "Cobra divers"
  • Yes, Falcon appears to be the only one with his NAME on his scuba gear. It switches between his left and right leg, too!
  • Heh..who knew? This issue's title is one of the few UK yarns without exclamation marks in it!
  • The back-up story continues the plot from previous issues...but you wouldn't know it. The whole story kinda' rambled along.
  • Also in the back-up, Scarlett and Gung Ho get a good look at Storm Shadow's Arashikage forearm tattoo before he's taken away. The UK writers would sometime work their stories into the US versions. This is one of those, as this story is a lead-in to Marvel Issue 26, the Snake-Eyes origin. Just a different way of presenting Scarlett and Gung Ho's familiarity with the tattoo.
  • Scarlett wears her usual battle togs, but her leggings are colored red, instead of the usual blue.
  • Intelligence Profile features the Hydro-Vipers, while the Tactical Arms Compendium splotlights the WHALE
Characters (figures): Falcon, Wet-Suit, Lifeline, Mainframe, Cutter, Torpedo, Shipwreck, Hawk, Quick Kick,Low Light (cameo), Flint, Scarlett, Bazooka, Gung Ho, Footloose, Barbecue, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow

Characters ("comic-only"):none

Vehicles and stuff (toys):WHALE, Devilfish
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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