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GI Joe European Missions #13- "The Prisoner!"

Writer: Steve Alan
Penciler: Robin Smith

Following Destro's capture from issue 8, Acton Force uses brainwashing techniques in an attempt to squeze information from him (although Flint objects). Meanwhile, Cobra decides to attack London until Destro is turned back over to them. Destro activates a homing beacon in his mask and gives away the location of Action Force's subterranean base. Coba Commander leads the assault, on foot in his new battle armor. Flint and Destro get into a fistfight, and a plastique explosive charge in Destro's mask detonates. Action Force and Cobra are both repelled from the underground tunnels. In the confusion, Destro manages to escape to the London underground. After posing as a beggar for awhile, he meets up with a retreating Cobra Commander.

European Missions #13b- "Terror Tower!"
Writer: Mike Collins
Penciler: Kev Hopgood

Lady Jaye, Airtight, Alpine and Footloose fight the Crimson Guard atop the Eiffel Tower. Alpine manages to diffuse Cobra's bomb with two seconds to spare. Lady Jaye call in the mission's success to Trent.. who informs them that Cobra had also bombed Rome! Trent then rallies the troops and decides to take out Cobra's London operations "for good".


  • Trent's alive in the back-up...but this story took place well before his death in issue 2. The back-up stories seems to have been presented out-of-order.
  • The back-up also features a prime illustration (literally) of the US and UK difference. A Crimson Guardsman is shown yelling "Death to the Enemies of Cobra" while brandishing his German Luger pistol. Good example of how the UK Cobra always seemed much more like Neo-Nazis.
  • There's also a female CG on hand, which is something of a change.
  • The main story also features the Baroness and a small contingent holding the Royal Albert Hall hostage. A total of one page, but I guess it serves to explain how the Cobra attack was a public problem. Later on, the British Prime Minster calls Hawk, complaining about Cobra's activities.
  • The show at the Royal Albert Hall is "The Bubblebath Brothers".
  • Cobra Commander simply upgrades himself to his "new battle armor". No change in the character, other than his appearance (i.e: No Fred VII shenanigans).
  • When Cobra Commander finds Destro in the London Underground, he's startled to see him unmasked. Saying, of Destro, "Ack! That Face! I've never seen such deformity before!" Of course, the US Destro had no deformity. Yet it's unclear if the deformity is a result of Destro's plastique explosives going off (I'd imagine an explosion from your HEAD might screw you up a bit).
  • Intelligence Profiles feature Hawk and the Cobra Vipers. Hawk is still listed as being from Denver, Colorado. The Vipers are mentioned as being something of an elite class of Cobra Trooper. Which explains why the regular Cobra troops (with the scarfy masks) still appear.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Lifeline, Dial-tone, Airtight, Footloose, Alpine

Characters ("comic-only"):none

Vehicles and stuff (toys):Cobra Mamba
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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