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European Missions #11- "Wild, Wild-Life"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciler: Robin Smith

Psyche-Out is sent to the Australian Outback to do a psyche evaluation of...Outback. Outback seems bat-shit crazy and has some very unconventional ways, but has been busy tracking down the Dreadnoks. After a fight with the 'Noks at a bar, Outback steals the Thunder Machine and leads them in a chase across the desert. Using gas canisters, Outback and Psyche-Out are able to capture the gang. Psyche-Out agress to put in a good word for Outback. But as a reminder, Outback shoots at Psyche-Out's feet. Yuk yuk...that's our Outback.

European Missions #11b- "Coils of the Serpent"
Writer: Mike Collins
Penciler: Kev Hopgood

Snake-Eyes continues his ride on the Cobra helicopter and ends up at the "Silent Castle". Here, it's called "Castle Destro" and is located in the Balkans. Snake-Eyes sneaks into the castle and overhears Cobra Commander planning to bomb the Eiffel Tower. Snake-Eye stops to kill a few Cobra Troopers on the way out, which triggers an alarm.


  • The bar the Dreadnoks invade is called "Blue Pete's"
  • Only story I can think of where the Dreadnoks are actually IN their homeland of Australia.
  • The Dreadnoks pursue Outback in a their "Razorback" truck. Driven by Road Pig, it's a modified armored bank car (or cookie truck) with a buncha' spikes sticking out of it and "Razorback" written across the grill. I don't believe it was ever produced as a toy, either in the UK or US.
  • Intelligence Profile spotlights Zanzibar. Mentions that Zanzibar smuggled arms into Nicaragua and Cuba for a US security agency. He also dealt ..gasp...cocain and mairjuana in Cuba.
  • "Tactical Arms Compendium" focusses on the Thunder Machine. Mentions that it has no gears and is controlled by a stolen throttle from a Cobra hydrofoil.
  • In the short back-up story, I suppose it's interesting to note that Cobra also attacked the Eiffel Tower in the 2009 big-screen movie (plug! plug! Buy it on DVD or Blue-Ray now for the holidays!)
Characters (figures): Outback, Psyche-Out, Snake-Eyes, Buzzer, Monkeywrench, Zanzibar, Road Pig, Thrasher, Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness

Characters ("comic-only"): Dean, Pete (bar patrons)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Dreadnok Thunder Machine, Dreadnok Cycle, Zanzibar's Air Skiff
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Dreadnok Razorback, Cobra transport helicopter

Vehicles and stuff: Dreadnok Razorback

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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