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#97- "What Goes Around Comes Around"
Writer: Larry Hama
Pencilers: Geoff Isherwood

Chuckles, Rock n' Roll and Clutch lead some Mounties in a raid on Cobra warehouse in Montreal. Cobra was shipping Terror Drome components again. Clutch and Rock n' Roll feel woozy when they see the name "Broca Beach" printed on the crates.

In New York, Snake-Eyes (with his face fully bandaged again) wanders the streets while waiting for Scarlett. Flint and Lady Jaye follow them, as he gets the couple to have a Kodak moment.

The real meat of this issue happens on Cobra Island. The Zartan/Billy/Raptor crew catches up to Fred VII and Dr. Mindbender. Billy, Tyrone and Captain Minh face some Night-Vipers, but escape into the sewers where they run into Croc Master.

Finally, in Broca Beach, the Baroness is retiring from Cobra. She wants to return home and re-think her entire life. Destro agrees to come along with her, giving up his dual post as head of MARS and Cobra. To prove he's serious, Destro tosses his mask off and embraces her.


  • Another "loose ends" issue as they're advancing some of the sub-plots.
  • First appearance of the 1989 Rock n' Roll (version 2 of his action figure). He has his dual gattling-gun machine guns...somewhat inspired by Jesse Ventura in "Predator".
  • Clutch isn't wearing his usual outfit: it's more like a straight-black "special ops" outfit.
  • Cobra is using their island as a showroom, finally. They're entertaining several old faces: El Jefe, Gen. Liederkranz, Col. Sharif and...Prince Ngoto.
  • Umm, Prince Ngoto?! When he was returned to Kalinga back in Special Missions #10, he was definitely a "good guy". Now he's entertaining offers from terrorist arms dealers? But, he's not as overjoyed as the other potential buyers are about the Cobra products. No-Prize explanation is that Ngoto returned home without doing any business with Cobra. He was there to simply explore options for his small country.
  • Fred VII really hams it up for the potential buyers. He brings out models in bikinis and makes bad jokes at the free dinner party. He's serving punch and asks a woman: "here ya' go, sweetie! Anything else you need? Howsabout some plastic explosives? Har har!"
  • Mindbender makes a little joke about having the Toxo-Vipers serve the canapes.
  • Raptor confronts Mindbender and proposes that they make a genetic clone of the original Cobra Commander.
  • Captain Minh's re-fitted Cobra Moray is blown up by Cobra Night-Vipers.
  • Snake-Eyes beats up some punks during his walk around NYC. They joke about him looking like "Claude Rains"... who played the title role in "The Invisible Man", with a fully bandaged head.
  • Snake-Eyes also freaks out when Scarlett's doctor refers him to a good plastic surgeon in Switzerland, Dr. Hundtkinder.
  • We finally see Destro's face, fully! There's nothing wrong with him, he's a normal (even handsome) guy. Although he has dark brown hair...when he was shown in a flashback with bright BLONDE hair, last issue.
  • The Cobra HISS II finally makes it's first appearance. The 1989 toy line featured several nods to Joe history. Snake-Eyes, Rock n' Roll, Stalker and Deep Six all received updated figures. Plus, the FANG and HISS received new versions. This was probably the last year I got into the toys... I bought the updated versions mostly out of nostalgia. The HISS II was quite nifty, BTW.
Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Storm Shadow, Flint, Lady Jaye, Rock n' Roll, Clutch, Chuckles, Dr. Mindbender, Zartan (also as "Blind Master"), Raptor, Voltar, Destro, Baroness, Croc Master

Characters ("comic-only"): Fred VII, Wade Collins, Billy, Tyrone, Capt. Minh, El Jefe, Gen. Liederkranz, Col. Sharif, Prince Ngoto, Inspector Cates (RMCP), Sgt. Fournier (RMCP)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Cobra Moray Hydrofoil, Cobra HISS II, MARS Razorback, Cobra FANG II, Cobra Condor
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Arbco Star

Characters: Inspector Cates (RMCP), Sgt. Fournier (RMCP)
Vehicles and stuff: Cobra HISS II

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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