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#87- "Assault on Castle Destro"
Writer: Larry Hama
Pencilers: Tony Salmons

In Scotland, Destro's neighbor appears to be turning his estate into a trailer park, attracting vagabonds and gypsies. In actuality, it's a lame-brained scheme by Fred VII and Dr. Mindbender to conceal their troops for an attack on Destro's castle. As the Joes watch from the bushes, the two factions begin fighting. Destro flies to Fred's trailer and lets him know that he's aware of his real identity. They strike a deal, deciding to work together from now on.


  • Salmons is an absolutely horrible artist. This is a bad story, but for one of the few times in the series, the art drags down the story even more.
  • Destro refers to his faction as "MARS". Iron Grenadiers only referred to his troopers, but Hasbro tried to use that name for the entire faction.
  • Shockwave is snooping on the "gypsies" and finds them drinking "Cobra Cola".
  • Fred VII has officially become the whiny, cowardly, tempermental Cobra Commander that was often depicted in the cartoon. He's been played for comic relief a lot, lately. Example: when his attack seems to fall apart, he begins choking Mindbender, out of frustration.
  • The letters column talks about another Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow clue that has been hidden in plain view on the cover of issue 26. The hint is "Louis Pastuer"....which we'll find out refers to a street name, circa issue 95 or so. How that was hidden on the cover is news to me.
Characters (figures): Flint, Shockwave, Outback, Sneak Peek, Destro, Baroness, Dr. Mindbender, Tomax, Xamot, Voltar

Characters ("comic-only"): Fred VII

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Swamp Masher, Cobra Jet Packs, Cobra Stingers, Cobra Maggots, Cobra Imps, Cobra FANGs, Destro's DEMONs, Destro's AGPs, Destro's Despoiler
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters:Joe, Jane
Vehicles and stuff: GI Joe Swamp Masher, Cobra Jet Pack, Destro's Despoiler

Rating: 1 Flag Point

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