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#74- "Alliance of Convenience"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Ron Wagner

All-out WAR on Cobra Island between the bad guys. Out on the USS Flagg, General Hollingsworth arrives with...Dr.Mindbender! The Pentagon cut a deal with Mindbender: they get the black box back, in exchange for the Joes supporting Serpentor's forces. Plus, as Hollingsworth puts it: "it all boils down to whether we support a constitutional monarchy or a fascist dictatorship".

A huge force of Joes is called in to attack Cobra Island, while Falcon's recon team secures the airfield. Captain Minh pops up to help the recon team, even. The Joes jump feet first into the conflict and meet up with Fred VII's armor columns. Serpentor manages to take out the Baroness's troops, then ties her up on top of his personal HISS tank as a shield. The Dreadnoks and Fred VII crash into the Joes' ground troops, snagging Hawk.

Suddenly, another armor column arrives. It's DESTRO and his legions, as it's now a Fatal Four Way!


  • One of the final "toyjam" issues (there's only one more after this). The animated commercial focussed on the new Destro/Iron Grenadiers toys that were hitting the shelves.
  • This comic was reprinted and packaged with a special 3-figure pack in 2004. The 3 figures included were Cobra Commander (Fred VII in battle armor with removable helmet), plus resculpted versions of Zartan and...Zaranna? Okay.
  • Wall-to-wall action this issue, as the Joes FINALLY cut loose with a full invasion force. This was the BIG battle fans had waited for since the title began. Good use of all the various personnel, as well.
  • There's an awesome battle map of Cobra Island in the back. It details the Island's geography, the various routes of each team, plus a personnel listing. It gets updated, every issue, as the Cobra Civil War continues.
  • Serpentor regains some of his battlefield savvy, as he proves to be an adept field commander.
  • While we were told which Cobras were on which side, last issue, this month we're shown which equiment each side has. Fred VII and the Baroness have the Maggots, ASPs and Mambas. Serpentor's side has HISS tanks and Rattlers. But, but...whattabout the Stingers and Hydrofoils?!!
  • Wild Bill turns a Tomhawk's guns on a Cobra Mamba and yells: "we've got a chin-turret full of PAYBACK" as he blasts them. First time they've mentioned "payback" in the series, as this would become a recurring phrase in most combat missions, from here on out.
  • Some goofy chicanery as Fred VII and the Dreadnoks rumble around on the Thunder Machine, but it doesn't hurt the overall story.
Characters (figures):Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Mainframe, Keel Haul, Cutter, Shipwreck, Roadblock, Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, Slipstream (name only), Ace (name only), Letherneck, Fast Draw, Sci-Fi, Lowlight, Breaker, Doc, Duke, Crazylegs, BeachHead, "Seal" (presumably Wet-Suit), Airborne, Rip-cord, Lifeline, Duke, Crankcase, Clutch (name only), Falcon, Sneak Peek, Gung Ho, Dial-tone, Tunnel Rat, Spirit Iron Knife, Stalker, Short Fuse (!), Tripwire, Mutt, Stalker, Baroness, Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Tomax, Xamot, Zandar, Zartan, Zarana, Torch, Ripper, Buzzer, Thrasher

Characters ("comic-only"): Fred VII, Captain Minh, Gen. Hollingsworth

Vehicles and stuff (toys): WHALE, Tomahawk, Vector, USS Flagg, Cobra HISS, Cobra Maggot, Cobra ASP, Cobra Rattler, Cobra Mamba, Dreadnok Thunder Machine, Destro's DEMONs, Destro's AGPs
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Arbco Star, Hollingsworth's Air Force cargo plane, Cobra gunship/transport copter.

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: GI Joe C-130 (x2),

Rating: 5 Flag Points

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