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#68- "Cut and Freeze Dried"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Ron Wagner

The Joes arrive in Frusenland to provide support for a "special US research team" and receive a violent welcome from Cobra. While a big armor battle errupts, the special research team, BattleForce 2000, has figured out the secret of the Terror Dromes. By wearing sound mufflers, they become immune to the "Fear rays". BattleForce 2000 rushes to the aid of the Joes and helps them push back the Cobra armor. Meanwhile, Duke locates Prime Minister Volff, tells him about the Terror Dromes' real purpose and they cut a deal between Frusenland and the US. For once, Cobra is on the crappy side of a deal, as they are suddenly ordered to pull out of Frusenland, with their Terror Drome plan ruined and exposed.


  • A big, BIG Toyjam issue as tons of crap debutted this month. TV commercial was created to sell the comic as well as the new BattleForce 2000 toys.
  • BattleForce 2000 was actually kinda' cool and surprising. Fans had been complaining about new vehicles becoming unrealistic, but with the "2000" banner on them, it seemed okay.
  • The Baroness is in charge of the Cobra troops, as she's sorta' becomes the unofficial leader of Cobra during this period.
  • Kwinn's name is mentioned again, in a painful scene where a Techo-Viper asks Fred VII, "what WAS that eskimo's name again?"
  • Since this is their first appearance, all six of the BF2000 members make sure to adress each other by their names while talking.
  • Knockdown is mentioned, but is only seen in shadows.
  • The BF2000 Dominator (snow tank) isn't seen in its totality. Only time it's shown is when they disassemble the vehicles and make the "Future Fortress"
  • The long overdue debut of the Snow Cat. It was from the fourth wave (1985).
  • A pretty decent issue and good use of all the new crap. I compare it to issue 40, as both are stories that kids would craft out.
  • BF2000 was a surprise secondary arrival for the sixth wave of toys. Call 'em "wave 6.5". They didn't appear on card backs or any catalogs until roughly October of 1987. Just in time for Christmas.... But kinda' cool in that all of their vehicles were under 10 bucks and two of their figures (Blocker and Dodger) soon became some of my favorites.
  • Dodger's look borrows HEAVILY from the (then) recently released "Aliens" movie. If you ever wanted an Aliens figure, pick up a Dodger figure on eBay.
Characters (figures):Hawk, Wild Bill, Back-stop, Cover Girl, Frostbite, Iceberg, Slipstream, Duke, Blocker, Dodger, Knockdown, Maverick, Blaster, Avalanche, Baroness, Dr. Mindbender, Cobra WORMS (Maggot Drivers)

Characters ("comic-only"): Fred VII, Prime Minister Volff

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Persuader, AWE Striker, Snow Cat, LCV, Eliminator, Sky Sweeper, Vector, Maruader, Vindicator, Dominator, Cobra Mamba, Cobra Maggot, Cobra Wolf, Cobra HISS, Cobra FANGs
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): GI Joe C-130

Characters: Iceberg, Blocker, Dodger, Knockdown, Maverick, Blaster, Avalanche
Vehicles and stuff: Snow Cat, LCV, Eliminator, Sky Sweeper, Vector, Maruader, Vindicator, Dominator

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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