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#58- "Strange Bedfellows"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Ron Wagner

In Utah, the Joes are testing the new SLAM artillery canon, then head over to Ft. Carson (Colorado Springs, CO), picking up new Joe Outback along the way.

In Denver, Fred VII's accountant shows up: a whack job in a birdsuit. Cobra Commander thinks he's a ninny, but the whacko known as Raptor uses his accounting expertise to track the pay records of new Joe Tunnel Rat, and locate the team. With the help of Raptor's hawks, CC attacks the Joe convoy in Fred's new Pogo Assault Pod. After a firefight, CC escapes. He's not impressed with the Pogo, but has reconsidered Raptor.

Also in Denver, Billy tests out his new prosthetic leg. As CC, Fred and Raptor are out chasing the Joes, Billy regains his memories. He wanders into a local dojo and meets the Blind Master and Jinx (both un-named).... who have been watching him.


  • Official kick-off for Year Six. This is the annual "toyjam" issue, with a TV commercial and toy spots. After a disappointing Fifth year, the sixth year brought me back into things with some of my favorite figures-- like Tunnel Rat and Outback. Plus, I had a severe case of the chicken pox at this time, so I was secluded in my home with nothing to do but think about GI Joe for almost two months.
  • Raptor is treated like a complete nutjob. He keeps ranting and saying "yes! yes! yes!'. CC compares him to another nutjob: Dr. Mindbender. Shows that CC (and probably Hama as well) was fed up with some of the goofy concepts being thrown his way.
  • Billy's leg was replaced, but his right eye is still gone. I don't think he ever gets it fixed.
  • I was feeling old, since the Pogo and the SLAM seemed to be replacements for two of the newer (year Four) toys: the Cobra Trouble Bubble and the GI Joe Mini-Tank.
  • Tunnel Rat uses his own "GI Joe Credit Card" to start his payment paper trail. Tough to swallow. How would the classified military unit have their own credit card that is easily tracked through normal accounting channels?
  • Tunnel Rat's figure was designed to look like Larry Hama, himself. He doesn't appear to resemble Hama in the comics, though.
  • Blind Master is an African-American guy. He was referenced (but not seen) in "G.I.Joe: The Movie"; when Jinx covers her eyes, goes into her fighting mode and beats the tar out of Falcon.
  • First price increase since issue 34, as the price jumps from 75 cents to 1 dollar.
Characters (figures):Hawk, Cross-Country, Tunnel Rat, Outback, Grand Slam, Thunder, Heavy Metal, Steeler, Clutch, Jinx (un-named), Cobra Commander, Raptor

Characters ("comic-only"): Billy, Fred VII, Blind Master

Vehicles and stuff (toys): APC, AWE Striker, HAVOC, SLAM, Cobra Pogo
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none to speak of

Characters: Tunnel Rat, Outback, Jinx, Blind Master, Raptor
Vehicles and stuff: SLAM, Cobra Pogo

Rating: Rating: 2 Flag Points

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