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#58- "Desparate Moves"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Rod Whigham

In "The Middle East" (preusmably Benzheen), Dusty and Mainframe hook up with some locals to track down a Terror Drome being held by Col. Sharif. A young boy named Rashid becomes enamored with Dusty and despises Mainframe, whom he considers an "old lady and fixer of computers". When surrounded by Sharif's troops, Mainframe cuts loose and kicks multiple bad guy tushies.

In DENVER (woooh!), Cobra Commander (with a comatized Billy in tow) meets up with Crimson Guardsman Fred VII-- an accomplished robotic genius. Fred gives CC a new suit of battle armor. Billy wakes up, with no memory of who he is or what's happened.


  • Cobra Commander and Fred VII give the SECRET COBRA HANDSHAKE and the secret password: "Greed, Ambition and Ruthlessness". The handshake is a deep clasp, with the other hand forming semi-"devil horns" on the wrist.
  • Fred has some exotic hawks in his garage. They belong to his acocuntant-- a weirdo who was caught poaching on Cobra land and became a pet project of Destro.
  • CC is still wearing his disguise from issue 55, so we still don't see his face.
  • Per Marvel's usual MO, "Denver" just looks like New York City, with mountains in the background.
  • Mainframe's objective was to hook up a working Terror Drome computer, via modem, to GI Joe HQ. Which will help them decipher the plans Destro turned over, last issue.
  • In a slip-up, it's implied that Scarlett --not Lady Jaye-- was with Flint in Scotland, last issue.
  • The Joes are still operating out of the Ft. Wadsworth gym.
  • The Mainframe story is almost identical to the Lifeline yarn from Special Missions #4. Except that Mainframe comes across as more assertive, useful and capable than Lifeline did.
  • With the debut of Cobra Commander's battle armor, this is the unofficial kick-off for the SIXTH year of GI Joe (1987 toys).
  • Revised issue/price box on the cover, as the Marvel 25th Anniversary logo has been removed.
Characters (figures):Hawk, Scarlett, Mainframe, Dusty, Flint (cameo), Stalker (cameo), Cobra Commander

Characters ("comic-only"): SBilly, Fred VII, Rashid, Professor Gamal (Rashid's mentor)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Terror Drome, Firebat
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none to speak of

Characters: Fred VII, Rashid, Prof. Gamal
Vehicles and stuff: Cobra Commander's Battle Armor (second version of his figure)

Rating: Rating: 3 Flag Points

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