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#31- "All Fall Down"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Rod Whigham

Snake-Eyes bums a ride on the C-130, so he can parachute into his old cabin in the High Sierras for some leave time. As a precaution, Hawk also orders Airborne and the new tracker, Spirit Iron-Knife to keep an eye on Snake-Eyes, from 10 miles away. Zartan bugged the plane last issue and informs Cobra Commander where it's headed. Destro and Firefly drop into Fred Broca's kitchen and all 3 head out to Snake-Eyes' cabin. A firefight errupts, as Firefly, Fred and Airborne are all injured. Firefly manages to huck a satchel charge in the cabin and it blows up with Snake-Eyes still inside. C'mon...you're just not a GI Joe fan if you think Snake-Eyes is DEAD.


  • Back in Springfield, the Baroness and Major Bludd enlist Billy in their latest plan to assassinate Cobra Commander. Billy will be disguised as a Cobra Youth and will conceal a pistol in a bouquet of flowers.
  • The Joes drive their equipment from last issue right through the suburbs of Staten Island, in broad daylight and waving to kids.
  • Once again, Fred misses the Joes passing by his house. Right as they pass, Cobra Commander rings on the telephone and Fred misses the entire procession.
  • The RAM has apparently transformed since last issue, as it's back to the normal look, with its gattling gun sidecar.
  • Spirit and Airborne make a camp 10 miles away from Snake-Eyes' cabin, but he still spots them. This would've been the perfect opportunity to include the "Bivouac" playset, one of the harder things to work in.
  • When the firefight breaks out, Spirit and Airborne are able to traverse the entire 10 miles in roughly 2 minutes. Uh huh.
  • When they arrive, Airborne shouts: "the cavalry's here!". Spirit is bit upset and Airborne replies: "It don't make any sense to say: the Indians are here!"
  • Spirit's called "Spirit Iron-Knife", the cooler version of his code-name, only used in the comics. Again it's blurrng the "secret identity" issue, as "Iron-Knife" was Spirit's real surname. So it's like calling Hawk "Hawk Abernathy".
  • Nice scene as Snake-Eyes is alone at his cabin, just playing fetch with his old buddy Timber. You have to love Snake-Eyes for that reason. After all the shit he's been through, he just wants to go home and play with his dog.
  • While at his cabin, Snake-Eyes is seen in his panama hat again. We can't see his eyes, but his face appears normal. Most likely he was wearing his rubber mask. Maybe so Timber could "recognize" him? Dogs usually work off of smell, but that's the only reason I can come up with. Snake-Eyes conveniently changes into his combat fatigues before Destro, Fred and Firefly arrive.
  • After longing to get their "revenge" on Cobra Commander for a few months, Destro and Firefly suddenly have no qualms about going a mission for him.
  • First time Rod Whigham has done the pencils. He would go on to a lengthy stint. His work's more detailed and cleaner than Frank Springer's and many fans consider him the definitive Joe artist. But the anatomy of his characters always appeared too stiff to me (still does). I suppose that'd be appropriate for a book about plastic toy soldiers.
Characters (with figures): Hawk, Ace, Airborne, Spirit Iron-Knife, Snake-Eyes, Timber, Breaker (cameo), Cover Girl (cameo), Flash (cameo), Zartan (cameo), Cobra Commander, Destro, Firefly, Baroness, Major Bludd

Characters (no action figures, or "comic-only" characters): Billy, Fred Broca

Vehicles and stuff (toys): MOBAT, Wolverine, RAM, VAMP
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): C-130

Characters:Spirit Iron-Knife
Vehicles: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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