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GI Joe #232 (Snake in the Grass, Part Three)

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 232


In Benzheen, the drone attacks and destroys Faoud's clinic, but Claire was able to warn everybody and allow them to take shelter. A "damage assessment team" from the Jugglers arrives to clean-up the situation, but Roadblock threatens them with his "ma deuce". Duke and Roadblock are able to leave with Claire.

Over in Olliestan and the subterranean Cobra base, Dr. Biggles-Jones shoots Bombstrike in the back of the head-- at point blank-- seemingly killing her. Two Red Shadows dispose of her body, above ground. Black Major then realizes that the weapon used to "kill" Bombstrike was not used properly and that she may have survived. Bombstrike is, in fact, alive and is able to escape (finally...maybe). She mentions that the bullet hit her skull at a weird angle, bounced inside her head, and went out the other side without entering her brain.

In Broca Beach, Cutter and Deep-Six flood the underwater BAT/Revanche factory; seemingly destroying it and all the upgraded BATs. Finally, in New York City, after a run-in with a street urchin named Eddie O'Leary, Dawn Moreno runs into Storm Shadow. She's confused, as Snake-Eyes' memories don't make total sense to her, just yet.


  • I'm sure Hama will state that it's possible, but the explanation for Bombstrike's survival is a big "whaaa?" from me. Just seems like a BIG stretch; similar to the way Snake-Eyes purposely stabbed Scarlett, with all the precision of a heart surgeon (circa issue 134).
  • The one "out" for Bombstrike's survival is that they never explained who Dr. Biggles-Jones was working for, back in 1993. It would make sense that Dr. BJ purposely used an incorrect weapon, kowing (or hoping) that Bombstrike would survive. Still, it's a gigantic leap of faith and still unbelievable.
  • Dawn says that Storm Shadow is "Tommy.. you got me to the slick", referencing the famous Snake-Eyes Origin Story from issue 26.
  • It's confirmed by their Benzheen operative that the Jugglers were behind the drone strike on Claire.
  • Duke and Roadblock drive around Benzheen in a land rover with the logo of "Ali's Rent a Wreck"
  • In Broca Beach, the flooded BAT factory rises up into the town, startling two construction workers named Merrilee and Carlyle. Continuing the long-running "tradition" of random bystanders being caught in the middle of a Joe/Cobra conflict with a humorous spin.
  • Broca Beach is being redeveloped by a contractor named "Continuum Construction" Their slogan is "Refining the Past to Fit our Future".
  • Found it odd that the street kid introduced himself to Dawn with his full name. I seriously hope we do NOT see him again.
  • He's unnamed for now, but I'm scoring the "Jugglers' Operative", since he's played somewhat prominently into the last two issues.
  • For all 3 people who give a hoot: with this switch-over in the site, FB "Likes" and intensedebate comments were reset for all pages. May or may not be able to bring the intensedebate comments back, in the future. The "likes" on each page maybe reached a whoppin' total of 2, so not much lost there.
  • Right now, the only content page that we've truly lost was the recap of issue 230. Will probably be easier to go back and just re-write that recap.


Characters (figures): Deep Six, Cutter, Shipwreck, Bombstrike, Duke, Roadblock, Torpedo (cameo/not seen), Black Major

Characters ("comic-only"):Dawn Moreno, Dr. Biggles-Jones, Dr. Cassandra Knox, Faoud, Eddie O'Leary, Carlyle, Merrilee, "Jugglers' Operative"

Vehicles and stuff (toys): WHALE, Cobra Stinger, Cobra HISS (cameo/wreckage)
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: Eddie O'Leary, Carlyle, Merrilee
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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