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GI Joe #231 (Snake in the Grass, Part Two)

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 231


Dawn Moreno breaks into a museum in New York City and steals the "Morning Light" sword. In Olliestan, Bombstrike temporarily eludes her captors (again), but appears to get re-captured (again).

In Broca Beach, Shipwreck and Cutter find an underground automated factory producing new BATS-- enhanced with Revanache Blue Ninja parts. One comes to life, talks (!), and attacks them.

Hawk returns to the Pit, demanding to know where Duke and Claire Hauser are. The Joes try to cover for him, but Duke, Roadblock, Jane and Mainframe have flown to Benzheen to search for Claire. Claire, meanwhile, finally has a face-to-fac emeeting with Faoud... who appears to be a pediatrician! However, another agency has been tracking Claire and they launch a hellfire drone plane to take her out.


  • I'll copy and paraphrase my first note from last month: another "getting from point A to point B" issue that I'll forget about by tonight.
  • Hawk understand the Joes are covering for Duke, but is frutrated nonethless. Psyche-Out ask him: "how long have you been having these paranoid conspiracy delusions"?
  • I'm not sure, but I believe this is the first time a BAT has spoken; aside from sound effects in the Marvel run.
  • Hawk mentions that they're being blamed for screwing up the recent high-profile Cobra case. So, yet again, more backstage/under-handed admin types have been messing with the Joes. Yet you can surmise that it's a little more deliberate this time, since Wendy Ling-Torres probably orchestrated it.
  • As Cutter and Deep-Six look for ammo and armaments in the Cobra base, Deep-Six insists they take the same caliber of weapon. "I can scrounge your ammo if you get killed". Nice. Good call-back to Deep-Six's supposed "cold fish" personality that really hasn't played out since his debut in issue 25.


Characters (figures): Torpedo, Deep Six, Cutter, Shipwreck (w/Polly), Bombstrike, Duke, Mainframe, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Baroness, Zarana, Zartan

Characters ("comic-only"): Jane, Dawn Moreno, Dr. Biggles-Jones, Dr. Cassandra Knox, Faoud, Anouk, Farik

Vehicles and stuff (toys): SHARC, WHALE
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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