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G.I. Joe #23- "Cobra Commander Captured at Last!"
Writer: Larry Hama
Breakdowns: Larry Hama
Finishes: Mike Vosburg

Snow Job is on a cliff in the Swiss Alps, spying on the Baroness in the Bern Institute of Reconstructive Sugery. Meanwhile, Duke, Roadblock, Cover Girl and Clutch are undercover in a nearby town, tailing Major Bludd. Bludd calls Cobra Commander in Springfield and blackmails him: meet him with 2 million bucks or Bludd will tell Destro that the Baroness is still alive. Cobra Commander and his new bodyguard Storm Shadow fly to Lucca, Italy to make an exchange with Bludd, during a local costume festival. The Joes crash the party and a wild mountain car chase ensues, involving a limo, a parade float, the VAMP and a scooter. Clutch tumbles the VAMP down the mountain, cutting off the Commander's limo. Roadblock blows away the front of the car. Major Bludd, Storm Shadow and Major Bludd escape in the float, but Cobra Commander surrenders to the Joes.


  • The mountain chase is a little silly, but intentionally so. It's like a James Bond chase.
  • While undercover at a restaurant, Roadbock the gourmet chef, complains about the entrees.
  • The Baroness emerges from her bandages after successful plastic surgery and gets her new black leather outfit.
  • Major Bludd clearly shows airline tickets to Lucca, France. But they end up driving there in a 1919 saloon car, complete with thugs dressed up as Al Capone.
  • Bludd demands 2 mil in cash in a briefcase. When the Commander asks him why, Bludd simply replies: "all my life, I've wanted to walk down the street with 2 million dollars in a briefcase".
  • Bludd appears to be getting sweet on the Baroness, but she dumps him the first chance she gets. -
  • Storm Shadow speaks for the first time in this issue. Important because, since his debut, I had believed he was also mute like Snake-Eyes.
  • Clutch drops another sleazy pick-up line on Cover Girl while they're tailing Bludd: "Say! We could pull into a dark alley and pretend to make out!" This may have been one of Clutch's final prominent roles. As new Joes are squeezed in, he gets pushed to the back and is rarely heard from again.
  • In Springfield, we're shown that Cobra Commander's main control room is located directly below a fast food burger joint.
  • Storm Shadow doubles as the limo driver, wearing a nifty black suit, trenchcoat and driver's hat.
  • For the first time, Snow Job appears with his ski-backpack, just like his action figure.
Characters (with figures): Hawk, Gung-Ho, Breaker, Clutch, Duke, Roadblock, Cover Girl, Snow Job, Cobra Commander, Major Bludd, Baroness, Storm Shadow, Destro

Characters (no action figures, or "comic-only" characters): none to speak of

Vehicles and stuff (toys): VAMP
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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