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GI Joe #214 (Death of Snake-Eyes, Part 3)

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 214


In an appropriately silent issue, the Joes give Snake-Eyes a grand funeral. Pretty much every team member appears to stand at attention and salute their fallen comrade, commemorated by a pair of empty boots, a sword and an UZI. They unload a whole motorcade of vehicles to also pay tribute. As Snake-Eyes' casket is loaded into the C-130, the Joes' aerial vehicles all escort it away. Even "Trips" the Wolf comes down to say goodbye to his friend.


  • Very touching issue and probably the best "comic book funeral" I've ever read...errr, seen.
  • On top of an impactful story, it's a thrill for any GI Joe fan to see all-hands-on-deck and to parade the vehicles out. Tell me you didn't enjoy looking at the annual toy catalogs when you were a wee lad.
  • The silent treatment worked incredibly well and was 100% appropriate to both the character (Snake-Eyes) and the plot (funeral).
  • So, where were Storm Shadow and Throwdown?
  • I'm still skeptical about the conveinent ascesnion of Throwdown into the roll of "ninja commando", as seen last issue. I liked this story, but having him around will kind of cheapen the loss of Snake-Eyes.
  • Other thing that worries me: with Snake-Eyes out of the way, I'll be pissed if they start something between Duke and Scarlett within a year or two.
  • Well, since they loaded him into a casket, I'm supposing they DID find Snake-Eyes' body, after all. Which leaves the "back door clause" of somebody stealing, regenerating or cloning Snake-Eyes. I mean, we all thought Cobra Commander was dunzo back in 1987...and they brought him back from the dead with a crazy "only in comics" storyline.
  • We see the "Stealth Fighter Pilot" and clearly see "Ghostrider" written on his flight helmet! This is the first time he's ever officially been referred to, with that name, in any manner.
  • We also see the Slugger...and its driver, Thunder. Yup, the guy who was killed in Benzheen in issue 109! Ooops.
  • No-Prize Explanation: he's not called or referenced as "Thunder", so it could just be some other guy with a helmet, driving the Slugger.
  • The Sky Patrol "Sky Raven" (a recomissioned Night Raven) is making its first appearance in the comics.
  • Another fun inclusion: we see Grand Slam and the HAL! When was the last time we saw that? Issue 8?
  • I'm scoring with my best guess and logic for all the character appearances, this month. It's impossible to see some and they lose their details. These are marked with question marks in the scorecard (no, I did not cheat and look up an official key, online. Yet.) SL Gallant also slipped in some "Firsties", with a slew of characters/figures from the 1990-1992 range.
  • Holy crap-- there's a guy with a clear "72" football jersey, appearing on page 2. It's the Fridge!! Golly, has he slimmed down from his playing days.
  • My personal No-Prize Explanation for having "The Fridge" back in the day: I loved the figure, so my story was that he was a regular military guy, who was a big Chicago Bears/William Perry fan, and thus took the code-name "The Fridge".


Characters (figures): Hawk, Stalker, Scarlett, Duke, Spirit Iron-Knife & Freedom, Roadblock, Dusty, Bazooka, Mainframe, Rock & Roll, Airborne, Gung Ho, Snow Job, Chuckles, Tripwire, Flint, Lady Jaye, Mutt & Junkyard, The Fridge, Sneak Peak, Flash, Jinx, Law & Order, Alpine, Airtight, Tunnel Rat, Dialtone, Barbeque, Hardball, Repeater, Muskrat, Freefall, Lightfoot, Charbroil, Budo, Blizzard, Sci-Fi, Sgt. Slaughter (yes!), Lowlight, Blowtorch, Ripcord, Recondo, Lifeline, Leatherneck, Zap, Short-Fuse, Footloose, Tracker, Windchill, Topside, Sub-Zero, Heavy Duty, Salvo, Stretcher, Steamroller, Rampart, Pathfinder, Capt. Grid-iron, Ambush, Bullhorn, Shockwave, Backblast, Spearhead & Max, Clutch, Rumbler, Clutch, Steeler, Thunder (?), Frostbite (?), Back-Stop (?), Grand Slam, Hot Seat (?), Cross Country (?), Wildcard (?), Hardtop, Deep Six, Shipwreck & Polly, Keel Haul, Cutter, Lift-ticket, Wild Bill, Ace, Slipstream, Ghostrider, Windmill,

Characters ("comic-only"):Joe Colton, Jane, Trips

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Wolverine, Crossfire, VAMP, Snow Cat, Bridge Layer, HAL, Slugger, Persuader, MOBAT, Mauler, Mean Dog, HAVOC, Raider, Thunderclap, Killer WHALE, APC, Skystriker, Storm Eagle, SHARC, Conquest X-30, Skystorm X-Wing, Vector, Sky Raven
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): C-130

Characters: The Fridge, Pathfinder, Bullhorn, Freefall, Sub-Zero, Tracker
Vehicles and stuff: Sky Raven

Rating: 5 Flag Points

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