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GI Joe #212 (Death of Snake-Eyes, Part 1)

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 212


Outback, Throwdown and Dusty fight their way out of the subterranean Olliestan base. When attacked by Blue Ninjas, Throwdown breaks out his ninja moves to dispatch them, to the surprise of his teammates. Cover Gir, Clutch and Bazooka meet them on the surface, as the Cobra base suddenly launches its "weapon"-- their big frickin' robot.

Simulatenously, in the Pit, Serpentor begins to takeover all electtonic systems, including the Joes' robot and the Pit itself. Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Stalker arrive as the insurance policy, but Serpentor seemingly has the upper hand; even getting the Pit's 3D printer to create his traditional headdress.

Even though Serpentor boasts that he controls the Joes' robot, it flies at supersonic speeds to Olliestan and rips the head off the Cobra version.


  • Interesting that this arc is suddenly labelled "The Death of Snake-Eyes".
  • Sure, it won't be shocking if/when Snake-Eyes actually dies, now... but I can understand why they'd want to bill this on the covers (hint: SALES).
  • With Throwdown busting out his ninja stuff (and we even see his Arashikage arm tatoo), it sorta' seems like they're setting him up to become the "new Snake-Eyes".
  • Death in comics is always an ambiguous term. If he actually "dies", then let's give it two years (or 20-some issues) before he "returns". After all, he "died" in the second DDP series and came back with some wakcy ninja boby-swapping technique. In short, don't get upset because "Snake-Eyes is going to DIE! OMG!"
  • Some Joe in a billed hat is there to send Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Stalker down the hydraulic lift. Due to past experience, I'm socring this as "Tollbooth", unofficially.
  • Outback's team sneaks out of the Olliestan base by doing a switcheroo into different Cobra outfits, again. Kind of a cutesy way to adress all the different divisions of "Vipers".
  • Red Laser is given some prominence and importance in this issue. He's taken hostage by the Joes and Black Major doesn't think he's as disposable as the other Red Shadows. Entirely possible that it's somebody we know under the helmet.
  • For those scoring and caring about these types of things: the Cobra "Desert Scorpion" gear is referred to as a "Sand Viper", this issue. Sure, they were two completely different figures; separated by about 20 years in production; but for the sake of comic book coherence, it makes sense to lump them together. I think "Sand Viper" is the preferred moniker amongst fans, anyways.
  • Black Major is shown riding in a crimson-colored HISS tanks with the Red Shadows logo. For this reason, we can score it as the "Red Shadows Hyena", making its first apperance. Or, as we Yanks call it: "the UK-only Red HISS tank".
  • Big frickin' robots aren't my thing, but these past two issues have been non-stop action, thus the higher-than-usual ratings.
  • This issue was realeased only a week after issue 211. I'll chalk that up to the shipping delay for 211 and assume that we're back on schedule.


Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Stalker, Roadblock, Duke, Mainframe, Lady Jaye, Outback, Dusty, Bazooka, Cover Girl, Clutch, Tollbooth (cameo), Red Laser, Black Major, Serpentor

Characters ("comic-only"):Throwdown, Joe Colton, Jane

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Wolverine, Hammer, HISS (V1), Red Shadows Shadow Track, Red Shadows Hyena
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Giant frickin' robots

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: Red Shadows Hyena

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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