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GI Joe #211

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 211


In Olliestan, the Joes sneak into their objective. It's a subterranean base run by the Red Shadows, Revanche and Cobra. They're apparently building a giant frickin' robot.

At the Pit, the Joes are doing a similar thing with Roadblock and Serpentor, who run a test of their version of a giant frickin' robot! The giant eye in the Pit's sub-basement seems to staring at Joe and Jane.

In Japan, Storm Shadow, Raymond and Demon Granny are attacked by Night Creepers and Techno-Vipers. They trace implants in their assailants to the local office of Revanche Robotics. After dishing their way through some Blue Ninja robots, they find out about something called the "Rhodian Project", which ties into the base in Olliestan.


  • The cover is incredibly simple, yet I kinda' like it.
  • I'll always be on the record as saying I HATED the Transformers earlier involvements in the title. Yet, while they've been teasing Transformers, it's just giant frickin' robots. The Joes had their "Armor Bot" in the mid-90's, so I don't think this plot is too far-fetched.
  • In the past month, I finally saw the ridiculous "Pacific Rim" movie. I think Hama has seen it, as well. The whole thing about two consciousnesses (Roadblock and Serpentor) controlling a giant robot?
  • I was kinda' hoping the Red Shadows would remain independent; not too wild about them already hooking up with Cobra and Revanche.
  • Bringing back the Night Creepers is a good move, IMO. I think I've mentioned before that they may been the original plans for Revanche, circa 1990.
  • First official appearance of Cobra's "Desert Scorpion" troopers; on the shelves since 1991!
  • Outback's wearing a thin headband, making him look a little like Ace Hunter from 1982's MegaForce movie.
  • The Joes test their robot on old de-comissioned versions of the HAVOC, Rolling Thunder and MOBAT.
  • Demon Granny is still using her brick-loaded prada purse as her weapon-of-choice. Heh.
  • I'm guessing "Rhodian Project" is a reference to the Colossus of Rhodes. Appropriate for building giant frickin' robots
  • For whatever reason, Serpentor is now wearing a version of his signature armor in his test-tube. Sure, I get that it's better than having him buck nekkid, but why that partiuclar outfit?
  • From what I understood, this book's release date was late due to a shipping/dock workers' strike in Asia.


Characters (figures): Roadblock, Duke, Mainframe, Cross Country, Steeler, Armadillo, Outback, Dusty, Bazooka, Cover Girl, Clutch, Storm Shadow, Red Laser, Black Major

Characters ("comic-only"):Throwdown, Joe Colton, Jane, Demon Granny/Obake Obaasan, Raymond

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Wolverine, Hammer, HAVOC, MOBAT, Rolling Thunder
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Giant frickin' robots

Characters: Red Laser
Vehicles and stuff: Red Shadows Shadow Track

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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