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GI Joe #207

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 206


In Dublin, Jinx and Pale Peony are loaded onto crates on the back of a flatbed truck. Roadblock, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes arrive to follow-up. With help from their new pal, Special Irish Branch Operative Gerard McCarthy, they're able to rescue the two ladies, after a car chase through the city. The driver of the truck turns out to be 921 and, once cornered, she detonates herself, along with Pale Peony (seemingly).

In the Pit, Duke is told that the giant eye isn't organic, rather technologically advanced. Joe, Jane and their crew have been working on a way to weaponize it. The Joes have been placed there as back-up in case something goes wrong. Duke is shown another mysterious secret artifact; one which is kept in frigid conditions.

In a short epilogue scene, Cobra Commander and Dr. Mindbender confirm that 921 is part of their plan (whatever it is).


  • 921 listed herself as "IX-II-I", a Roman numeral equivalent. Jinx mentions that it also translates to "Ku-no-ichi", Japanese for "female ninja".
  • That's 921 on the cover. Somewhat strange that "she" is shown in samurai garb. When I saw the previews for this issue, I just figured it was Budo sparring with Jinx and Pale Peony.
  • Biggest thing is that Pale Peony was seemingly killed and vaporized. I'll stress the seemingly, because with the way things have gone, I wouldn't be surpprised if she and 921 actually teleported away and weren't vaporized.
  • Roadblock is running around in his "version 2" 1986 togs.
  • If it is the end of Pale Peony: what a waste. Introduce a new character, work her into the team (with no real explanation), then have her blown away fairly quickly.
  • The plot seems to be circling back to Revanche robotics and their cyborgs, again. It's getting a bit tiresome, as readers and characters have figured out the connection between Cobra and the fact "they're up to something".
  • In the Cobra epilogue, we see they run a telemarketing call center at "Carob Tree Office Park". One of their faux companies is "Barco Industries". Telemarketing again? I told ya' they were EVIL!
  • It's implied that Joe and Jane's Big Eye sub-base has been continually running for years. That's a hard one to swallow-- are we supposed to think that the facility was operational, full of people and below the Pit in the Marvel run? The ENTIRE time? Some more explanations are in order.
  • Fun letter has a fan asking to see Hawk finally use his "Mobile Missile Launcher" (actually, that'd be the "Mobile Missile SYSTEM (MMS)", but who's counting?). Hama seems energetic about it. That would be a fun little "easter egg" to work in.


Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, Duke, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender

Characters ("comic-only"):Joe Colton, Jane, 921, Pale Peony, Gerard McCarthy

Vehicles and stuff (toys): VAMP
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: Gerard McCarthy
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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