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GI Joe #201

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 201


While we don't see, specifically, what the Joes saw behind last issue's blast door, they continue exploring the newly expanded/reactivated Pit. Included is a retractable helipad concealed in a large bluff, retractable missiles and turrets, plus a full-size airplane runway.

The Joes also set up two new secondary bases, both on familiar turf: the old Motor Pool in Fort Wadsworth (site of the original Pit) and Storm Shadow's dojo in San Francisco. In Fort Wadsworth, an engineer notices a special KIA roll of honor plaque, asking about unusual names like Avalanche, Breaker, Doc and Quick Kick-- then notices that two names have been crossed-out, to the surprise of the Joes. Steeler mentions that it was a "mistake" and the thing wasn't polished. In San Francisco, Alpine, Muskrat and Long-Range arrive, but are surprised to see Budo has been there for awhile, cleaning the place up.

Duke and Sneak-Peek visit the St. Ingatius Managed Care Home to recover the remains of Sneak-Peek's mom. At first, they are unable to legally get the remains, until they meet the home's director. The director turns out to be a veteran, so he recognize and respects his fellow servicemen, allowing them to take the remains.


  • When I first read this issue, I was upset, because last issue's cliffhanger wasn't clearly addressed. I read it again, a few weeks later, and my opinion improved. I especially liked the scene with Duke and Sneak-Peek. It's a good "inventory issue" that needed to happen.
  • There's also a quick scene with Roadblock recovering in the medical ward. Apparently, everybody likes to give him sandwiches.
  • Pale Peony and Jinx make it back to the Pit, arriving at high speed in a convertible sports car.
  • Hawk mentions that the Jugglers believe a rift between Cobra and Revanche has occurred.
  • In San Francisco, the Joes arrive under cover of a repair van for "Joejoerski Plumbing & Heating".
  • In Fort Wadsworth, the Joes are now set-up as the Necrotic Armaments Defense Administration or NADA.
  • The scene with the KIA plaque is awkward, because no names are shown in one panel, then only a few letters in a second. I'm not sure if it means two names really were crossed-out, if Steeler's covering something up, or what's going on.
  • Stalker mentions that there are "too many ghosts. Too many memories" and that they haven't been down into the old Pit, yet.
  • One of the "Pit Easter Eggs" appears to be Recoil. I mention this, because he's often mistakenly labeled as a casualty of the Benzheen War. I think this may be his first appearance since that storyline.
  • The New/Old Pit also appears has some vehicles hidden in it. One appears to be the 2002 Night Attack Chopper.
  • Aside from Recoil, just about EVERY Joe who makes an appearance has a line of dialogue. Except Snake-Eyes, of course.
  • The letters page is pure fun, as Hama appears to be answering them directly. He drops some hitns about future plots: two "new" Crimson Guardsmen are coming and a character death is pending. He also asnwers a fan's request for Dr. Cassndra Knox (the saucy Cobra scientist from issue 153 by saying: "I don't even know who Dr. Knox is".
  • For those Missers of the Obvious, this issue's cover is an homage to issue 1.


Characters (figures):Hawk, Duke, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Mainframe, Wild Bill, Ace, Slipstream, Spirit Iron-Knife, Long Range, Clutch, Cover Girl, Steeler, Ghostrider, Lift-ticket, Outback, Lady Jaye, Jinx, Frostbite, Dusty, Sneak-Peek, Roadblock, Muskrat, Rock & Roll, Budo, Cover Girl, Recoil (cameo)

Characters ("comic-only"):Joe Colton, Jane, Pale Peony, Gilbert Morrison (St. Ignatius director)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): VAMP, AWE Striker, Phanton X-19, Night Attack Chopper
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): standard Humvee, Jinx's "JINXIT" convertible.

Characters: Gilbert Morrison
Vehicles and stuff: Night Attack Chopper

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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