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GI Joe #192

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Sergio Cariello

GI Joe 192


Scarlett and Snake-Eyes take some leave to the Sierra Neavada mountains and Snake-Eyes' old cabin. It was "burned down", so Lift-ticket suddenly brings in a new cabin as a gift. As they hike into the mountains, they run into a wolf pack, where the "grandson of the original Timber" befriends them.

In Rancho Corba Acres, Cobra Commander holds a rally, promising big things for Cobra. In (presumably) Scotland, Destro is training his troops for an attack on Cobra.

In the Pit, a lift malfunction causes Rock & Roll to get zapped by a live wire. He suddenly remembers everything about Cobra's operations in Rancho Corba. A Mauler tank also accidentally crashes through a wall revealing "something beyond the elevator pit-- and it's not on the blueprints!" Finally, in Broca Beach some (seemingly) mafiosa types find an old hard drive marked: "Dr. Venom's Back up".


  • The new cabin being helicoptered-in is incredibly silly.
  • I always assumed Snake-Eyes had built a new cabin, but we never saw such a thing. In previous recaps I had simply referred to "Snake-Eyes at his cabin", but we hever saw a physical cabin. I went back and checked and saw that this was indeed the case. The original cabin was destroyed in issue 31 and a second was never built until now.
  • I had originally mentioned, on THIS page, that Hama had forgtten about the lack-of-a-cabin. But he didn't. I did.
  • Still, it's weird to show fresh burn marks and debris from the original cabin. Significant time has passed, as evidenced by Timber's "grandson".
  • The "new Timber" is marked by a distinctive scar on his snout; which reminds me of Ace the Bat-Hound and his mark!
  • Since they mention this Timber is the "grandson", I guess we can call him "Timber III". Whatever, I'm just glad Snake-Eyes has a wolf buddy, again, to hang out with at his cabin. That always makes me smile.
  • On their way to the cabin, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes stop for gas, where they're recognized by a local named "Gramps". His grandson is curious and asks: "Are they bad people, Gramps?" To which he replies: "Only if you're on the wrong side, son."
  • The sub-plot about something behind beneath/behind the Pit doesn't intrigue me. In IDW's "modern" re-launch of GI Joe, the Pit was re-appropriated from a previous complex. I like that the Joes simply built the thing on their own. Seems strange that; since they did it by themselves; they didn't notice any hidden passages, caves, or what have you.
  • The Broca Beach sub-plot does intrigue me, though. On one condition, which is that is does not signal the return of "Virtual Venom". I like the idea of having Cobra files being used by some shady types. Well, files that do NOT include the words "Brainwave Scanner".
  • Hardtop gets a few lines, which may be a first. I remember his file card called him "the strong silent type, emphasis on silent".
  • This is the debut of penciler Sergio Cariello on the book. Quick research (Google) tells me he's from the Joe Kubert School. You can definitely see some Kubert influence on his work.


Characters (figures): Scarlett, Snake-Eyes (now w/ Timber III), Duke, Roadblock, Lift-ticket, Rock & Roll, Clutch, Hardtop, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Destro

Characters ("comic-only"): Mafiosa guys

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, Mauler, HISS, Destro's Despoiler
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Scarlett's Jeep

Characters: Timber III
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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