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GI Joe #191

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 191


Chuckles, Jinx and Lowlight storm Generalissimo Tep's stronghold to rescue Lady Jaye. Lowlight and Jinx use their respective skills as a ninja and sniper, while Chuckles takes the direct route. Almost all of Tep's soldiers are killed and even Tep himself at the conclusion (errr...at least he APPEARS to be fatally shot in the head by Chuckles). As all the action is going on, the coup swings the other way, as Tep Major Bludd and their troops are considered enemies with a "shoot on sight" order. The Joes leave the country by commandeering the Generalissimo's HIND copter and eveything appears to have worked out.


  • No connection between Generalissimo Tep and "Big Tep" is mentioned. Again, I think it's coincidence and all fanboy speculation at this point. Like a lot of background plots and charatcers in the series, if you WANT them to be connected, then there's no real harm in doing so. Right now, Gen. Tep and Big Tep are not officially connected... nor are they officially NOT connected. It's all in your mind at this point.
  • Jinx appeared in regular faigues last issue, but dons her traditional red ninja garb for this issue's assault.
  • My "Sound Effect of the Month" goes to the word "STOMP", positioned on the bottom of Tep's boot. Great use.
  • Lady Jaye spends most of the issue tied to a chair and getting kicked by Tep and his cronies. Towards the end, as she hears Cuchles arriving, she breaks out of the chair and delivers a few kicks of her own.
  • Chuckles, Lowlight and Jinx really up the kill-count this issue. Tep's stronghold is seen stocked with several soldiers...and they all appear to be killed by the 3 Joes. Remember, the Joes are elite soldiers and mean business when push comes to shove. So it's easy to surmise that an fairly unorganized band of soldiers could be taken out by them.
  • Bludd has two flunkies (Han and Pluskat) that seem to be his personal crew and not connected to Tep.
  • Bludd and his flunkies are not part of the Joes' killing spree, but they are now marooned in a hostile country where everybody is told to shoot them. I'll say no problem for Bludd, but it's a toss-up if we'll ever see his flunkies again.
  • The coup is orchestrated by a group called the "Reform Government" or "New Reform Government". The "new" might simply be an adjective. Same for "reform" for that matter.
  • Somewhat sobering to see the Joes being so ruthless. Yet once again an "off-screen" deal (the coup and the balance-of-power instantly switching) is another plot crutch that Hama is using again. So, sorry, another wishy-washy "3 Flag Points" rating.


Characters (figures): Lady Jaye, Chuckles, Lowlight, Jinx, Major Bludd

Characters ("comic-only"): Generalissimo Tep (presumably DIES), Han, Pluskat

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): MI-24 HIND-D helicopter

Characters: Han, Pluskat
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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