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GI Joe #189

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 189


The Joes continue their fight against the Red Shadows on the Aden Explorer. The WHALE is able to trump the flying Robo-Skull by riding the crest of a wave and flipping. On the ship, the Joes push back the Shadows to the bridge.

Turns out, the Black Major didn't kill Dr. Burkhart and Ali... Ali took the bullet for her and is now seriously wounded. Prince Ngoto runs past the Joes' assault team to negotiate with the Major. Ali is able to confiscate a gun and shoot the remaining Shadows, save for the Black Major as they engage in a Mexican Stand-off. Dr. Burkhart bites Major's arm, allowing for Ngoto to clock him. Just as they begin to sort things out, the damaged Robo-Skull crashes into the bridge. In the confusion, Black Major swaps places with the pilot and escapes.


  • Just like last issue, Dr. Burkhart is referred to as "Dr. Audrey Burkhart", not her traditional name of "Adele"; despite the fact that "Adele" is used in the inside-cover summary box. Stalker is the one who calls her "Audrey" in this issue, so you can No-Prize it to Stalker simply not knowing her correct name. In his previous encoutners with Dr. Burkhart (issue 1 and 39), she wasn't exactly a favorite of his.
  • Ngoto gets a great line: "Ali is a smart person with good intentions, and those are hard to find. Isn't it better to try to reason with one such as that and perhaps make them see your point, rather than trying to negotiate with the stupid and evil"?
  • In the end, Ali and Ngoto appear to open to peaceful negotiations
  • The Tomahawks lands on the deck of the Aden Explorer and Wild Bill actually ends up shooting someone with his pistol. First time I think we've ever seen Bill shoot somebody with a conventional sidearm. He's always been flying a plane of copter.
  • Once again, Polly's only line is "SQUAWK!"
  • Duke and Shipwreck both appear to get messed up when the Robo-Skull strafes the WHALE. We'll see if their injuries affect their appearances in the near future.
  • I did mention, last issue, that we didn't see Dr. Burkhart's body... but I'm still cheesed that there was a little bit of a bait n' switch with her death and Ali's. Castrates the Black Major and downgrades the Red Shadows from the ruthless meanies they appeared to be, last issue. That's probably my biggest problem with this issue and why I'm knocking down the rating.


Characters (figures): Duke, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Torpedo, Beach-head, Stalker, Lift Ticket, Wild Bill, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Cutter, "Polly", Black Major (UK)

Characters ("comic-only"):Prince Ngoto, Dr. Adele Burkhart, Abdi Ali

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, WHALE, Robo-Skull (UK)
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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