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GI Joe #184

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 184


Cobra continues to move into their new, the former town of Luck in Northern California. Clutch and Rock & Roll try to save the 3 captured kids. Rock & Roll and one kid are able to escape, but Clutch and the other kids (Tom and Harry) are captured. Dr. Mindbender is giidy about trying out the new and improved Brainwave Scanner; now his own design and no longer simply borrowed from Dr. Venom.

Darklon meets Colonel Faroud in Benzheen to make a deal for the krytron, but Destro and the Baroness crash the meeting. Outside the building, Dusty and Airtight are captured by Benzheen forces.


  • Almist identical to last issue, in terms of pace and plotting. Team this book up with issue 183 and you'd have a whole comic.
  • Destro uses his wrist rockets, once again.
  • I was mistaken, last issue, as I said Cobra's new town was "Rancho Cobra". It's actually "Rancho Corba". Mild dyslexic mix-up on my part.
  • To initially free the kids, Clutch and Rock & Roll knock out two Vipers and use their uniforms as disguises. Dr. Mindbender falls for the ruse, making look like his usual imbecilic self.
  • The third kid threatens to "rain payback" on the Cobras. Cobra Commander says that the kid reminds him of "someone" (Billy). For this reason, Cobra Commander doesn't want to kill the kids, just have them brainwashed.
  • I'm not scoring them as official appearances, but it looks like Low-Light, Tollbooth (or Hard Top) and Sci-Fi are in the Pit's HQ room scene. Wet-Suit definitely appears, as we can see the little hornet on his chestpiece.


Characters (figures): Duke, Scarlett, Mainframe, Clutch, Rock and Roll, Lady Jaye, Dusty, Tunnel Rat, Airtight, Wet-Suit (cameo), Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig, Darklon

Characters ("comic-only"):Pale Peony, Col. Faroud,, Harry, Tom, 3rd Kid.

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Cobra HISS III (DTC), Cobra HISS
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):none to speak of

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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