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GI Joe #183

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: SL Gallant

GI Joe 183


Under cover of darkness, Cobra moves into a foreclosed suburb in Northern California, calling it "Rancho Cobra Acres". 3 kids are accidentally captured, while the Joes provide surveillance.

Darklon returns to Darklonia, has his helmet scanned, then departs for Benzheen where he's greeted as a hero by Colonel Faroud. Dusty, Tunnel Rat and Airtight had been clearing landmines in the area and notice the whole spectacle.

Zartan arrives in San Diego to meet up with Zarana, Road Pig and Pale Peony. Zartan recognize Pale Peony' Arashikage moves and tells the group to get to Benzheen.

While Destro and the Baroness play with his chess set (whoa..that might sound strange), Storm Shadow arrives in Japan to see his aunt.


  • Not much action, as it's just a "transitional issue", that seems to be focusing on getting everybody into place. Literally
  • It looks like they're setting up a big showdown in Benzheen; which would probably tie in with the Oktober Guard and the Joes who were demonstating tanks awhile back.
  • Dr. Mindbender takes the 3 kids away, so there's another minor subplot.
  • Yes, they really are bringing in Storm Shadow's AUNT. Apparently there are no throwaway lines in this book. Her name is "Obake Obaasan", which translates to "Demon Granny". Gotta' admit-- I like that name.
  • Zartan temporarily disguises himself as a security guard to get the drop on Zarana's group. Of course, he narrates the type of weapon and ammo he's packing ("This here 12 gauge is loaded with alternating double-ought buck and rifled deer slugs").
  • The recurring plot point, once again, is the krytron triggers. Not sure who or what has the upper hand in this whole thing, as it seems we have four sides playing into it: Cobra, the Joes, Darklon and Zarana's group. Seems like the typical subterfuge and misdirection tactics that are usually played out in this book.
  • Tunnel Rat helpfully tells us how you can use shadows to see the slight depressions where landmines have been planted. Good tip and one I plan to use in my daily routine.
  • Airtight not only has an appearance, but...gasp.. a speaking role! When was the last time that happened?


Characters (figures): Duke, Scarlett, Mainframe, Clutch, Rock and Roll, Storm Shadow, Dusty, Tunnel Rat, Airtight, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig, Darklon

Characters ("comic-only"):Pale Peony, Col. Faroud, Obake Obaasan

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Python Conquest, Python STUN, Python ASP (cameo), Cobra HISS, Cobra FANG, Cobra Imp (cameo),
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):Cobra Transport Copter

Characters: Obake Obaasan
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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