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GI Joe #182

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Ron Frenz

GI Joe 182


In the hills outside the Pit, Ambush, Outback and Muskrat continue to hunt Darklon, while Duke's crew watches. Darklon is in-contact with his castle and is receiving intel. The double-thinking, counter-thinking and secrecy continues, as Ambush, Outback and Muskrat begin to figure things and question why Duke wouldn't fill them in, completely. Darklon gets the jump on Muskrat and is about to shoot him, when his sniperrifle is blasted out of his hands by Low-Light. Darklon manages to escape and finds his extraction; a pythonized conquest jet.

Rock & Roll and Clutch try to tail the Cobra relocation convoy that is leaving Broca Beach. They're discovered by a small group of Siegies and have a brief vehicular firefight.

Zarana and Road Pig try torturing Pale Peony, but she intrigues them enough to strike a deal. They appear to be working to take over Darklon's operation. Finally, Zartan makes a deal with Cobra Commander-- for selling out Zarana, he'll be "in" and a full-fledged high-ranking member of Cobra.


  • Cobra Commander and Zartan joke about resurrecting Serpentor.
  • Pale Peony brags and talks about her parents. Her father was a Yakuza boss and her mother was an enforcer in the Russian mafia. She also drops that she's been studying "occult swordsmanship with Storm Shadow's Aunt in the mountains of Okayama Ken".
  • Storm Shadow's AUNT? Really? That might seem like a silly false fact put out by Pale Peony to get herself out of trouble, but knowing how this book usually goes, I'd say we'll eventually meet Storm Shadow's aunt.
  • Outback now has a black "SURVIVAL" t-shirt, instead of his usual white t-shirt.
  • After Low-light appears, Darklon quickly finds his hidden Evader. Pretty sure this is the first time that vehicle has appeared. It originally hit the shevles in 1989, so it's another long-awaited "Firstie", clocking in at roughly 23 years.
  • Seems silly to have a Python Conquest, parked in the rocky hills, as Darklon's extraction vehicle. Unless they've added VTOL capability to it.
  • Clutch and Rock and Roll tail the Cobra convoy in an SUV. I only mention it, because Clutch would usually have been in an old hot rod or sports car.
  • I mentioned that Hawk has basically disappeared and Duke has essentially taken over the role. Not telling his troops the full story is/was a standard Hawk move.
  • "Cover A" for this issue has Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes...who do not appear and have nothing to do withe the plot. But it's a nice pin-up shot. Next issue is set to feature a similar pin-up shot of Flint and Lady Jaye. I've never been a fan of these "stock art" covers (see: just about every issue of "New Avengers"), but they both appear to be by Ron Frenz, so the concept may end when his run is over.
  • While these subplots are advancing, there's really nothing too intriguing in this issue. It's just the curse of modern comics, but this story would read much better in the "collected edition" or Trade Paperback. As a single issue, it's very "meh".


Characters (figures): Duke, Scarlett, Mainframe, Outback, Muskrat, Ambush, Low-light, Spirit Iron-Knife, Clutch, Rock and Roll, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig, Darklon

Characters ("comic-only"):Pale Peony

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Hammer, Darklon's Evader, Python Conquest, Cobra Hiss (caemo), Cobra Maggot (cameo), Cobra Rage (cameo)
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):Cobra Transport Copter

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: Darklon's Evader

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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