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GI Joe #179

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: S.L. Gallant

GI Joe 179


Inside the Broca Beach Wax Museum, all sides converge on BN-001. Sensei Mosvokina arrives with Storm Shadow, then proceeds to detonate herself on BN-001. BN-001 only loses two arms, so it's up to Cobra Commander to deliver the final blow. Cobra Commander blasts BN-001 on the head, ending the "life" of this particular model. Yet before being blown apart, BN-001 brags that the Blue Ninjas are essentially "immortal" and can replicate themselves... so they could return.

Immediately after the battle, Cobra Commander orders the remaining Vipers and BATs to capture the 4 Joes on the scene, along with Storm Shadow and the Baroness.


  • If this is the end of the Blue Ninja arc, it's a disappointment. They end things by simply shooting him a buncha' times. The majority of the last two issues has been little more than a buncha' nameless troopers and robots blowing each other away.
  • There needs to be some denouement to the Blue Ninjas and specifically, BN-001. They could save his identity for a big reveal, down the line. Yet I feel that they need to reveal his identity or tie him in, soon, before the amount of care drops even less.
  • There are several full-page spreads in this issue. Such as Snake-Eyes decapitating a Blue Ninja, the tanker ship crashing into the Broca Beach docks and Cobra Commander fighting BN-001.
  • I whined, last issue, that no Cobra armor had been deployed. However, this issue, we see the wreckage of several HISS tanks. So the Cobra vehicles were deployed, but it was done off-camera.
  • Cobra Commander's Sigma armor has "reactive" capabilities; which apparently allow him to absorb force and direct it back to its originator. Alsp nice to seen CC out on the front line, causing some damage. The 1986 "battle armor" (Fred) suit was supposed to be formidable, but it was never in a true 1-on-1 combat situation.
  • Since the Wax Museum was severely damaged in the battle, I kinda' hope they stop using it as the de facto "Cobra HQ".
  • Sensei Moskovina blows herself up, but since she's a cyborg she could return along with the Blue Ninjas. For all intents and purposes, she appears to be gone for the foreseeable future.
  • My comic shop keeps givnig me the "B" covers, done by Herb Trimpe (pictured above). Not really a fan of these.


Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Duke, Scarlett, Stalker, Storm Shadow, Baroness, Dr.Mindbender, Cobra Commander

Characters ("comic-only"):BN-001 ("dies"), Sensei Moskovina ("dies")

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):HISS tank (cameo)

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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