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Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Augustin Padilla

In the Silent Castle, Cobra Commander has a blast reprogramming Snake-Eyes' mind via the Brainwave Scanner. Once the reprogramming is complete, Snake-Eyes leaps to his feet and begins smashing apart BATs. When he walks in front of Cobra Commander, he simply stops and hands over two BAT rifles. The Cobras gloat, as it appears that Snake-Eyes has been fully brainwashed into a loyal Cobra soldier.

Duke's crew travels into Borovia, disguised as civilians. They meet up with Wild Bill and the C-130 in Krogdnsv (capital city of Borovia). As they leave, Storm Shadow shows up with Scarlett. Storm Shadow claims that the effects of the BRainwave Scanner have "worn off", and he's willing to work with the Joes again. The team departs with the understanding that they'll have to go back into Trans-Carpathia for Snake-Eyes, soon.

Finally, in Georgetown, Hawk begins tracking down the former Crimson Guard "sleepers", who have now apparently been cut off by Cobra and left to rot.


  • Zartan tries to follow Storm Shadow and Scarlett-- on a scooter disguised as a priest. Storm Shadow recognizes him and, once again, Zartan is taken out with one blow. Is this becoming a recurring joke? Zartan tries to trick someone with a lame disguise and gets knocked out with one shot? Could get old, quick. But it's kinda' funny and making a mockery of his old "Master of Disguise" moniker.
  • Destro does nothing but hum and observe, this issue. He notices the Baroness and Billy holding hands. Combined with his somewhat reluctant dialogue from last issue, it seems like he's also turning away from Cobra.
  • The local villagers from issue 158 return. This time, they're beaten up and carjacked by Storm Shadow.
  • Snake-Eyes' Brainwave Scanner sessions include a flashback to the famous helicopter extraction in Vietnam (from his "origin" in issue 26). Although it's simply referred to as "Southeast Asia".
  • This is the first time we've seen Wild Bill since the relaunch. I'm sure a few more returnees are on the way, as next issue promises Chuckles.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Rock & Roll, Roadblock, Duke, Mainframe, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Stalker, Wild Bill, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Dr. Mindbender, Zartan

Characters ("comic-only"): Billy, Dr. Venom (virtual),local villagers

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): GI Joe C-130

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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