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Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Augustin Padilla

Thanks to the Crimson Guard sleepers and the unrest from last issue, Cobra has contracted with the government to establish martial law in the US. "A few minor freedoms have been sacrificed", but agents of Arbco Secuirty Systems, Springfield Armed Response Associates and C.O.B.R.A (Coordinated Order by Righteous Americans) now police the streets.

Spread out around the globe, The Joes are working underground and Hawk orders them to follow their contingency plan, codenamed "Anabasis". Mainframe, Roadblock, Duke and Stalker fac Cobra opposition, but manage to survive. In the Sierra Nevadas, Duke journeys to meet up with Snake-Eyes and Scarlett (plus Timber) who have taken out 10 Red Ninjas who were sent to dispatch them. Snake-Eyes burns down his cabin as he re-connects with him favorite ninja punching bags.

Stalker is stationed in the Hindu Kush, seemingly on a military assigment. His partner (unnamed) is taken out by a Cobra sniper. Stalker responds by shooting one sniper through the eye! He then hunkers down in his tarp and waits out the other sniper. On the last page, it appears one side loses patience and begins firing.


  • Hawk was re-assigned to the Pentagon and worked out of an office labeled: "Quartermaster and Supply Oversight Committee". Another seemingly worthless military division, similar to the original Chaplain Assistants Motor Pool.
  • Hawk has disappeared from his office and is working out in the open, disguised as a Cobra trooper.
  • Stalker's scene is somewhat similar to the sniper scene from "The Hurt Locker". Not by much, but I just mention it so you can get a sense of the feel they were going for.
  • Roadblock was apparently re-assigned as a mess sergeant (cook). He takes out two Cobra agents with a meat cleaver.
  • Yes, the name "Roadblock" is back! Not sure how that was worked out, as the common belief was that the trademark had expired, thus "Heavy Duty" in the recent movie and comic books. Great to officially have him around as "Roadblock" again.
  • Mainframe appears to be wearing Dialtone's outfit. But you can easily No-Prize this by saying: 1). Since it was a night scene, the artifical light was hitting his uniform at a weird angle, making it appear to be yellowish/gray. 2.) Mainframe simply got a new outfit since the last time we saw him. He also has a new goatee.
  • We only see Hawk, unmasked, briefly through a windshield. He appears to be wearing dark green sunglasses and has dark hair again-- similar to the look he has in IDW's "new" GI Joe series (yeah, the one with the Robotech underground Pit HQ, "Rat", "Scars", "Beach" and all that other crap).
  • Scarlett appears quite busty in her scene.
  • Timber gets in on the action by taking out the 10th Red Ninja. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett got the other 9.
  • Note that this issue focussed on the Joes, while last issue was all Cobra.
  • This issue officially had three covers. A 'regular' cover, a sketch variant, and another featuring art by Rod Whigham (featuring Snake-Eyes and the Red Ninjas). Guess which one I got.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Duke, Stalker, Roadblock, Mainframe, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Timber

Characters ("comic-only"): none to speak of

Vehicles and stuff (toys): none to speak of
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none to speak of

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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