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#155 ½
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Augustin Padilla

Cobra Commander wakes up from a dream of attacking the US Capitol Building. Zartan informs him that the Cobra-backed "Broken Star Army" has succedded in creating turmoil and unrest in the US by assualting several landmarks. With a master plan seemingly unfolding, Cobra Commander contacts the Jugglers and appears to be working in cahoots with them-- all part of a plan to get martial law declared, enabling Cobra to gain more power in the US.

Billy, Storm Shadow and the Baroness are recalled from a mission to Trucial Abysmia to steal WMD's. Billy is torqued off and is slapped into the Brainwave Scanner (now abbreviated as BWS). During so, Dr. Venom's face appears on the BWS monitor screen. Dr. Mindbender discovers that Venom had a Trojan Horse program planted in the thing; but what it will do is still unknown. Meanwhile, the Baroness begins to worry that she's due for another BWS session and questions Destro's loyalty.

Finally, Cobra Commander sends out a signal to all "sleepyheads" around the US, activating hundreds of Crimson Guard sleeper agents.


  • The inside cover page is a letter from IDW publisher Andy Schmidt, explaining their decision to bring back the old Marvel continuity. They're picking right up where the old title ended.
  • This basically wipes out the Devil's Due continuity...despite the fact that Hama wrote a rather awful 4-part "Mission that Never Was" in "GI Joe: Frontline". I'm okay with that, since the Devil's Due run was essentially fan fiction and a nostalgia kick. The guys involved were all big fans, so we can't fault them for their efforts. But for now, they appear to be the Ripper Owens to Larry Hama's Rob Halford.
  • Larry Hama answers a few questions from IDW forum posters in a "letters page" of sorts. Of note (to me, at least), Hama mentions that Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks are a favorite of his.
  • Also important that Hama notes the "Joe-verse" takes place in its own time/space vacuum. Which is a good way to avoid pesky things like "real world" aging or current events.
  • Dr. Mindbender upgrades Cobra Commander's battle armor and gives him a new suit which resembles CC's old "battle helmet/faceplate" look. Think of the original action figure.
  • Cobra still appears to be operating out of the Trans-Carpathia "Silent Castle".
  • Baroness has a slightly modified new look. She wears a dark visor instead of glasses, and her jumpsuit is simplified (all of the ribbed lines and contours of her old leather cat-suit have vanished).
  • Storm Shadow's back to a modified version of his original outfit, as well. It's basically his original suit with grey shoulderpads added. Billy is wearing a white Storm Shadow-ish get-up as well.
  • Showing his old dental background, Dr. Mindbender also implants a BWS directive for Bily to floss his teeth everyday.
  • In a neat touch, we see that Cobra Commander sleeps with a half-mask, covering the top of his head to just past the nose.
  • Cobra Commander mentions the "new Springfields" across the US. Springfield was one of my favorite concepts from the original series, so I'm glad they're including that.
  • Note that NO Joes appear. The Cobras mention that they're aware of the team being deactivated, however.
  • Two "file cards" appear in the back of the book. One for Billy and the other for the Brainwave Scanner. Billy's mentions that "Fred III" gave Billy his prosthetic leg. However, it was Fred VII. No-Prize Explanation: typo!
  • It's common knowlegde now (May 2010), but for the record, this book was given away as part of "Free Comic Book Day" on May 1, 2010.
  • Sure...I'll keep doing updates and adding to this GI Joe Comic Index project. I seem to get lazy when it comes to adding non-Joe content, so I should keep these updated in a timely manner.
Characters (figures): Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Dr. Mindbender

Characters ("comic-only"): Billy, Dr. Venom (video screen cameos).

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Cobra HISS (in CC's dream).
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Hind-D, Cobra Humvee (in CC's dream)

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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