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#153 - "Shadow of the B.A.T"
Plot: Eric Fein
Script: Peter Quinones
Penciler: William Rosado

An ambitious, young (and somewhat sultry) Cobra scientist is testing our her new BAT. Built like a "Terminator" robot, it tracks Scarlett's brainwaves to downtown Salt Lake City. It chases Scarlett through a construction site, but she's eventually able to destroy the BAT with the help of a cement mixer and a garbage truck. Joe helicopters arrive to chase away Dr. Knox and her monitoring crew.


  • Story was written over a year before this issue saw print. Eric Fein was an editor on "Web of Spider-Man", which explains why this story is more like a Spidey story. Scarlett even makes some cheesy wisecracks, a la Spidey. Indeed, you could replace Scarlett with Spidey and not miss a beat. Heck, swap out Alistair Smythe for Dr. Knox and you've got another "Spider-Slayer" story.
  • A construction worker's wife, named Brenda, plays a part in the story since she resembles Scarlett, somewhat.
  • Funny how Scarlett was on a sabbatical in the Sierras for the past few months, but decided to walk arond SLC in a trench coat and her battle togs.
  • Knox's whole plan is to kill Scarlett, then sell the new and improved BAT to Cobra. She's apparently already a part of Cobra-- as evidenced by her outfit-- but she's probably just looking to move up.
  • Scarlett's brainwaves were recorded when she was briefly a part of Cobra, in issue 136. That explains how Knox's BAT is able to track her.
  • Knox made a few cameo appearances in the Devil's Due series. She's bascially "the hot blonde Cobra broad with the giant v-neck shirt"
  • Extra pin-up features Dusty.
  • Letters page has yet another fan complaining about the book violating its "reality-based storyline". Once again, that term's dismissed as an oxymoron.
  • A small "Featuring Scarlett!" is added below the cover's number box.
  • Cover price jumps to $1.50 as well.
Characters (figures): Scarlett

Characters ("comic-only"): Dr. Knox

Vehicles and stuff (toys): GI Joe Razor Blade Helicopters
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Cobra transport/gunship copter

Characters: Dr. Knox
Vehicles and stuff: GI Joe Razor Blade Helicopters

Rating: 1 Flag Point

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