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#150 - "Slam Dance in the Cyber-Castle!"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Phil Gossier

Storm Shadow takes a choo-choo from Borovia into Trans-Carpathia and successfully enters the Cobra "Silent Castle" by way of the underground river. But he stumbles into Cobra's new "Cuber Matrix" virtual reality center and gets caught off-guard by Cobra Commander's new armored suit. Storm Shadow (along with Billy and the Baroness) are plugged into the Brainwave Scanner for some brainwashing.

Meanwhile, Snake-Eyes says goodbye to Scarlett and travels to Woekekuckuckland. He takes Gen. Liederkranz's personal weapons cache and makes a one-man assault on the castle (surprisignly enough, all without wearing his mask). Cobra Commander tries the same trap that snared Storm Shadow, but Snake-Eyes easily beats the tar out of CC and lights him on fire with a short-range frag grenade. Dr. Mindbender arrives with a fire extinguisher...plus newly brainwashed (and loyal to Cobra flunkies) Storm Shadow, Baroness and Billy.


  • Cover prive jumps to $2.00 for this special "Giant Size" issue. Strangely enough, this issue received the special "Hype Box" treatment in the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins across all titles, that month. This was probably the last time Marvel tried to promote or pump-up the series.
  • A picture of Scarlett takes over the corner box.
  • Includes several pin-ups: Zarana by Bret Blevins, Destro by Tom Lyle, Baroness by Pat Broderick, Scarlett by Alex Saviuk, Zartan by Randy Emberlin, Roadblock by Ron Lim (toting an under=sized rifle, no less) and Cobra Commander by Sal Buscema (semi-famous image of CC kicking a puppy!).
  • As Snake-Eyes leaves Scarlett in the Sierras, she sums up the second recurring theme of the series (the first was the whole "vengeance" thing): "the bond between those who have been through combat together is a brotherhood sealed in blood and watched over by the ghost of those who fell".
  • Storm Shadow enters the Silent Castle by emerging into the same cell that held Scarlett, Baroness and Billy.
  • Dr. Mindbender is sporting new duds: his 1994 action figure costume.
  • Mindbender actually finds out about and destroys one of the "hidden sensors" Storm Shadow planted.
  • Mindbender's "Cyber Space Matrix" is basically computer-projected holograms. But, in something that will make dorks happy, Mindbender and CC talk about "entering the Matrix"
  • A Viper is shown reading an issue of "Inside Cobra, Spring '94"
  • The Vipers are all wearing their new 1994 gear: looking somewhat like Cobra Eels, with yellow helmets and shoulder-pads over a gray suit.
  • Flint and Lady Jaye are running some sort of mission and fire on a Cobra Detonator. As it blows up, the driver yells: "GWAR!" Not sure if that's an in-joke to the band, or just a coincidence.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Stalker, Flint, Lady Jaye, Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Timber, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Dr. Mindbender, Slice, Dice

Characters ("comic-only"): Gen. Leiderkranz, Billy

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Rhino GPV, Cobra Detonator
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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