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#148 - "Irresistible Forces!"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Phil Gossier

On the asteroid, Dragonsky accidentally discovers that the robotic worker drone only attack armed threats. So everyone puts down their weapons and they wal quietly into the asteroid's control center and hit the obligatory self-destruct button. A pre-recorded message from the "renegade Russian scientist" is hopeful since, if it's played, that means somebody was smart enough to put down their guns. But the asteroid will stil blow up in five minutes. Drangonsky and Payload were able to fix the Russian shuttle from Defiant parts, so they swoop in to pick everybody up and fly home.

In W-land, all the tanks are out of gas, until Wolfgang shows up with a convoy of fuel tankers. He slipped into Darklonia (with Gen. Leiderkranz's wallet) and did some more slimy dealings. Once again, the Joes and the W-landers are able to hold off another Cobra advance.


  • The title of this story ("Irresistible Forces") is a book-end to the title of issue 146 ("Immovable Objects"). This caps off Star Brigade's involvement in the comics.
  • There's an ad for "GI Joe Headquarters" Magazine included. The cover to the magazine is an original "happy 30th b-day" cartoon, which depictions of various Joes from 1964 to 1994. Even Bulletman and an Intruder (from the 70's) are included.
  • The password acknowledgment between the Joes in W-land is apparently in Orcish.
  • Flint and Lady Jaye parachute into W-land to join up with Hawk and Stalker.
  • Lady Jaye is shown carrying around a crossbow, similar to Scarlett's trademark.
  • The asteroid mission is one of Duke's last hurrahs in the book. While a mainstay of the cartoons, he was a complete tool in the comics. So as a final send off to Duke, we need to point out his less-than-stelllar track record in the comics.

    ---While in command of the team, Duke let Cobra Commander escape, blew the mission to prevent Cobra Island's formation, let Cobra discover the location of the Pit and was in charge when 7 Joes were gunned down by the SAW Viper in Trucial Abysmia.

    --He makes up for it by leading this successful mission and saving the Earth from an asteroid. But it was mostly luck. Again, Duke is a complete tool.

Characters (figures): Hawk, Stalker, Flint, Lady Jaye, Duke, Roadblock, Sci-Fi, Spaceshot, Payload, Red Star, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender

Characters ("comic-only"): Lt. Gorky, Dragonsky, Daina, Gen. Leiderkranz, Wolfgang

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Defiant, Armor Bot, AWE Striker, MBT Mauler (?), MOBAT (?), AWE Striker, Cobra Detonator
Vehicles and stuff (not toys):Oktober Guard Armor Bot, Russian Space Shuttle.

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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