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#144 - "Snake-Eyes: the Tale Untold!"

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: William Rosado


After Milleville, Snake-Eyes Stalker, Scarlett and Rock n' Roll are all lifted out via Tomahawk. Snake-Eyes makes sure that the door doesn't jam again, and this causes everyone to flashback to Snake-Eyes' accident on an early mission.

:::cue flashback music :::

Snake-Eyes gets his face fried off (now with some additional dialogue from his teammates) and the other chopper blew up, ....yet we're shown that the mission actually continued. Snake-Eyes scrawled "CM" or "Charley Mike" in the sand, which meant "Continue the Mission". Snake-Eyes bandaged up his head, stole Scarlett's throwing stars and continued on. The mission was to save a hostage in a Middle Eastern country (possibly Trucial Abysmia)-- one George Strawhacker, the fiance' of Snake-Eyes' sister. Snake-Eyes leads the resuce mission and is able to identify Strawhacker when two Cobra Vipers also claim to be him.

Once back home, Strawhacker was debriefed by a young Hawk. Back in the present, Hawk concludes that Strawhacker never knew that Snake-Eyes rescued him twice (once in this flashback, and also in the "future", circa issue 105 in Borovia).


  • Important to note that Hawk narrated the last part of the flashback. So it's told from his vantage point. Strawhacker didn't recognize Snake-Eyes in this story...but he clearly recognized and knew him in issues 105-107. Fans could complain that Strawhacker not recognizing Snakes was a slip-up, but there is a No-Prize Explanation: Strawhacker didn't recognize Snakes the first time... but later did some research and found out all about him. When they met in Borovia, he DID recognize him. So the slip-up is simply Hawk not knowing what Strawhacker knew (confusing, eh?) Hawk is simply incorrect that Strawhacker "never knew it was the same guy who got him out of the gulag in Borovia".
  • Okay, but there's still a bad ending to this: Strawhacker was eventually killed in Borovia...so Snake-Eyes didn't "save his life".
  • Also some big continuity errors present. First, Wild Bill and Doc fly in as a support team after Snake-Eyes' chopper crash. This was before issue 1 of the series, yet Wild Bill and Doc didn't join the team until issue 11. In this flashback, both Hawk and Rock n' Roll recognize Wild Bill and Doc. Also, since Doc was on hand, you'd think he'd remember Snake-Eyes (see issue 11, where he's surprised at Snake-Eyes' mask).
  • No-Prize/Ret-con Explanation: Wild Bill and Doc worked with the team before they became official members in issue 11. Doc didn't get a clear chance to evaluate Snake-Eyes, because he ran off and continued the mission. When Doc officially joined the team in Alaska, he thought Snake-Eyes was just some dude in a black mask...not the mask-less grunt he saw, head afire, for few minutes in the desert. Doc probably put it all together, off-panel, in issue 11.
  • Another tougher continuity error: Cobra Vipers, Toxo-Vipers and HISS tanks appear. The HISS tanks didn't appear until issue 11 and the Vipers didn't appear until roughly issue 50. Furthermore, the Toxo-Viper armor depicted didn't apper until roughly issue 125! It's possible that both were in-use WAY back when...but an easier explanation is to chalk it up to a flashback error. I.E; the person flashing back in this story has seen so many Vipers and Cobra HISS tanks that, in their mind, that's what was on-hand, back then.
  • Grunt, Rock n' Roll and Snake-Eyes all meet up with Stalker as they continue. It's possible that this mission is the first part of the "Hot Potato" story from issue 1! More likely,the Joes had a lengthy, multi-part mission in Trucial Abysmia. Possible that Colonel Sharif was their first nemesis until Cobra came along in issue 1. Uber-fans can fill in their own continuity.
  • -But another, more important question: WHO was in the other Joe chopper that blew up?
  • In the present, the Joes mention that they've "liberated" Milleville. So that plot thread is finally solved.
  • Once again, Hawk is blonde in both the flashback and curent day stories. He'll suddenly have dark hair once again, next issue.
  • Roadblock asks Stalker to "do the honors" since he's on his way to Arlington. A cool little scene that'll appear next issue.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Rock n' Roll, Stalker, Grunt (flashback only), Doc (flashback only),Wild Bill, Storm Shadow, Roadblock, Spirit, Airtight, Tunnel Rat, Dojo, Tjbang, Jinx

Characters ("comic-only"): George Strawhacker

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, Rhino GPV, Cobra HISS
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): GI Joe Huey, standard army jeep

Characters: none (although, retroactively, it's the first for Strawhacker)
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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