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#130- "Point and Counterpoint!"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Andrew Wildman

Cobra assaults the actual Pit in Utah. A bit stifled by having to send troopers into a small hole, one-by-one, Cobra eventually tosses a gaggle of new and improved BAT into the passage. Barbeque and Airtight set a trap with a steel/kevlar/ceramic door, but the BATs keep pounding away. Inside the Pit, Duke doesn't panic and knows the team can withstand the attack.

On Cobra Island, the brainwashed Ninja Force frees Firefly from inside the Arbco Star/volcano. With most of Cobra in Utah, Firefly is able to take over the Island, with the help of his BATs.


  • Gung-Ho , Grunt and Low-light are all sporting new looks, resembling their figures from 1991 to 1992.
  • No way to tell if it really is Grunt, but it looks like his 1991 figure. Last time we saw Grunt (circa issue 78), he was still attending engineering school at Georgia Tech.
  • Spirit single-handedly holds off the Cobras for awhile. With help from his (un-named) eagle friend.
  • Barbeque is wearing his newer Eco-Warriors gear, although he's not addressed as a member of that faction.
  • The BATs also have their newer 1992 look. They're streamlined a bit, but colored dark grey and orange.
  • Some Cobra Eels guard Firefly's airliner. They're another "new figure" look.. in bright yellow and blue.
  • Some of the background Joes are tough to score. But one who is clearly shown in Capt. Grid Iron (albeit in a non-speaking role). Worth mentioning to me, because I never knew that this goofy character had appeared in the Marvel series.
  • GI Joe Dossier is of Destro, with art by.... Joe Madureira? This would've been about three years before Madureira got his big break over in "Uncanny X-men".
Characters (figures): Spirit Iron-Knife, Duke, Scarlett, Law, Low-Light, Barbeque, Airtight, Gung-Ho, Wild Bill, Dial Tone, Capt. Grid Iron, Heavy Duty, Grunt (?), Skid Mark (?), several background un-named Joes, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Tjbang, Nunchuk, Dojo, Cobra Commander, Firefly, Cesspool, Zarana

Characters ("comic-only"): none

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Retaliator, Hammer, Thunderclap, Defiant, Brawler, Locust (all cameos), Cobra Paralyzer, Cobra HISS
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Cobra transport/gunship, Firefly's airliner

Characters: Capt. Grid Iron, Heavy Duty
Vehicles and stuff: Retaliator

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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