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#125- "Diptych!"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Andrew Wildman

Similar to last month's three-way-split, this month is only split into two stories. In Broca Beach, the DEF continues their hunt of the Headman. With the help of Ike & Mike, they chase him to a funhouse on the boardwalk. The drug operation is seemingly busted, but at the last minute, Headman disappears through a trap door like a Scooby Doo villain.

The strung-out "Sean", who is actually named "Fred, Jr" eyes the Cobra assault rifle. Feeling remorse over his parents' deaths, he contemplates what to do with the gun. We're led to believe he'll pick it up and look for some "payback". Instead he heads down to the next town and sells it for some more drugs. Good, dark ending to what had been an awful story.

In the Gulf of Mexico, Flint and the Eco-Warrios tussle with Cesspool's loons. Ozone brings in the "secret weapon"-- a lawyer. For once the Joes are on the good side of a "Legal Trooper".


  • As mentioned last issue, there is no Ninja Action this month.
  • While Cutter ID'd the Cobra assault rifle, last issue, the Joes apparently STILL haven't figured out that Broca Beach is a Cobra front. Or if they do, it doesn't become a big plot.
  • Mutt's mustache comes and goes at the artist's discretion. Apparently, Mutt has been cleared from the Millville misunderstanding.
  • The Eco-Warriors story ranks up there as one of the worst Joe stories, ever. Hama uses another of his plot devices (the lawyer with paperwork) to quickly end the conflict.
  • The only thing that saves this from being a complete dud is the dark ending with Fred Jr. It also helps that this issues wraps up the awful Eco-Warriors stuff. Hama's fulfilled his obligation to sell toys, once again.
  • For those who don't know or remember: both the Eco-Warriors and DEF have very BRIGHT uniforms with primary colors. Part of the technicolor/day-glo colored toys that Hasbro went nuts with in 1992.
  • GI Joe Dossier is of Zartan, with art by Larry Hama and Jimmy Palmiotti.
  • I suppose this issue and last issue both qualify as the traditional "toy jam" issues. Only primarily with figures and no vehicles. Hasbro had cut down on the amount of vehicles they were producing in 1992, anyways. More figures were produced (the largest amount ever, to that point) and each had spring-loaded weapons, expanded accessories, and other gimmicks.
  • On the cover, Shockwave appears in the corner box. Taking over, for one issue, for Snake-Eyes, who had been in the corner box since #109
Characters (figures): Cutter, Mutt, Junkyard, Shockwave, Bullet-proof, Flint, Clean Sweep, Ozone, Cesspool, Headman

Characters ("comic-only"): Ike & Mike (die), "Sean/Fred Jr.", The "Secret Weapon" Lawyer

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Battle Copters, Cobra Toxo-lab (loose interpretation)
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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