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#119- "Double Trouble"
Writer: Herb Trimpe
Penciler: Herb Trimpe

Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Storm Shadow are sent into the Cobra Consulate Building (now looking perfectly normal) to stop Cobra's latest schemes: robot duplicates of world leaders! After some identity mix-ups, the Joes make it to the control room and face off with Cobra Commander. Going into his OLD bag of tricks (ala issue 1), CC escapes through a hidden tunnel.

With the help of a guided "smart missile", the Joes are able to destroy the robot operation, as well as Cobra's storage facility on "Atol Das Rocas", off the coast of Brazil.


  • This story is out of place and quite bad, but it would've fit right in during the book's first year. That reason alone gives it a mild retro feel and keeps it from being a total dud.
  • Trimpe STILL hasn't figured out Cobra. He writes them like HYDRA, again. The robot duplicates are very similar to someting HYDRA might pull with rogue LMD units.
  • Since it's Trimpe, he makes sure to squeeze in more vintage planes. A Soviet Be-12 Amphibian and a Beriev Be-12 twins turboprop.
  • Cobra Commander is back to wearing his old hood this issue. He'll return to his "Egyptian Pharoah" suit, next issue.
  • The robots are dubbed: "ECHO". Ehanced Copy, Human Original. Models include: Norman Schwarzkopf, Eddie Murphy, George Bush, Mikail Gorbachev, Saddam Hussein, Prince and....some guy from CNN.
  • Egads, Cobra was planning to replace Prince and Eddie Murphy! Maybe they did replace the latter. That would explain stuff like "Boomerang" and "The Nutty Professor".
  • The Cobra Consulate was severely damaged, when last we saw it, circa issue 109. Now it's back to normal. We'll see if it pops up, again.
  • The GI Joe SUB makes it first appearance since...issue 18!
  • The Skystorm X-wing Chopper makes perhaps its only appearance. About THREE YEARS after it came out.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Wild Bill, Windmill, Low-light, Lift-ticket (cameo), Cobra Commander

Characters ("comic-only"): none

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tomahawk, Skystorm X-Wing Chopper, Cobra Hydrofoil, Cobra Stiletto
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): GI Joe Sub, various "Trimpe planes"

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: Skystorm X-Wing Chopper

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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