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#115- "Counting Coup"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: John Statema

After Ace's Skystriker is nipped in what was believed to be "friendly territory", Hawk orders a special mission. Slipstream and... "ol' What's His Name" are sent into Benzheen on what appears to be a stealth bombing mission. After another aerial skirmish, they accomplish their objective: get Cobra to launch a Firebat, so they can snap a picture of it. With proof that Cobra is installing Terror Dromes in Benzheen, the Joes have evidence that Cobra has violated international agreements.


  • The story's title, "Counting Coup" refers to an old Sioux trick: the best warriors would prove themeselves by riding up to an enemy in the middle of battle and just touch-- not kill-- him.
  • This issue was recently re-issued by Hasbro as part of their 25th Anniversary line. Funny, because the re-issued version incorrectly titled the story "Counting COOP".
  • While Hawk can't recall Ghostrider's code name, he does refer to him as "Capt. Jeffires" (his real name).
  • Ghostrider jokes about Slipstream not remembering his name and begins referring to him as "Dogfight". Or else I'm No-Prizing an editorial screw-up.
  • With this little photo op mission, the battle in Benzheen comes to an end. It can be concluded that Cobra now has to pull out of the country.
  • When Hawk holds up the picture, we can see an engarved message on his watchband: "To Clayton, Love Always, Roxy". First (and only) sign that Hawk has a life outside of the team. I think this, along with "Roxy", was finally touched upon in a Devil's Due issue circa 2004 (during the time Hawk was shot and crippled).
  • At one point, the Cobra flunkies all holler "Cobraaaaa". Probably only the second time they've done that in the entire series. Coincedentally or not, but the DIC cartoons had begun airing at this time.
  • GI Joe Dossier is of Dusty
  • Hilarious editorial repsonse in the letters column. "As we learned by watching that masterpiece of filmmaking, "Orca", revenge is one of the basest human emotion. Please keep it in check or someone will harpoon you".
Characters (figures): Hawk, Ace, Slipstream, Dogfight, Lady Jaye, Ghostrider, Keel Haul, Mainframe, Rampart, Backblast, Cobra Commander, Wild Weasel

Characters ("comic-only"): Emir of Benzheen

Vehicles and stuff (toys): USS Flagg, Skystriker, Phantom X-19 Stealth, Cobra Rattler, Cobra Hurricane, Cobra Condor, Cobra Adder, Cobra Mamba, Cobra FANG II, Cobra Pogo, Cobra ASP, Cobra Terror Drome and Firebat
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none

Characters: Rampart
Vehicles and stuff: Cobra Adder, Cobra Hurricane VTOL

Rating: 3 Flag Points

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