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#112- "Who's the Hero?"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: John Statema

As the Ninja Team scouts out the Cobra ammo dump, they run into Night Creepers and Faoud's Resistance fighters. To save the ninjas and throw Cobra off, Cool Breeze convinces Stalker to jam all radioes. It'll create a diversion, but will give away the position of Stalker's Recon Team.

Cobra sends out the SAW Viper to deal with the disturbance at the ammo dump. A helicopter appears to zero in on the Recon Team, but Cool Breeze runs off with the radio jammer in an attempt to sacrifice himself and save the team. The helicopter closes in on Cool Breeze...but it's been commandeered by the Ninja Team.

Cool Breeze promises to never be a hero again as the Ninja Team and the Recon Team meet up with Flint's Armor Team. Faoud's men are taken out. But Faoud manages to steal Stalker's sidearm and aims to shoot Stalker in the back. Cool Breeze jumps in front of Stalker and takes the bullet for him. As he dies, Cool Breeze asks Stalker if he's crying. "No kid. You ain't crying".

Stalker adds another dogtag for the empty boot ceremony. Small solace, but the ninjas report that they've "gotten some payback" as they've apparently taken out the SAW Viper.


  • Cool Breeze's death was more memorable than the demise of all 7 previously deceased. In two issues, he was given more development and attention than Crazylegs, Thunder, Crankcase and Heavy Metal, combined. It made me want a Cool Breeze action figure. His death is effective and not gratuitous.
  • Several references are made to the way Cobra ties live hostages to valuable targets. Something that the Iraqis reportedly did in the first Gulf War.
  • We're not shown how the ninjas take out the SAW Viper. But he feel victim to Stormie and Snake-Eyes, so you know he's dead. For all intents and purposes, this is the end of the SAW Viper. BUT...Devil's Due brought him back as the cybernetic Overkill in their 2001-2004 series. Just to prove they read these old comics, I guess.
  • Just like in Sierra Gordo, Faoud the "revolutionary" is just as corrupt as the bad guys and wants to run the country his way.
  • The SAW Viper opens the story by hooping it up and partying with the "Harem Vipers"-- apparently the same hotsy totsy chicks Cobra Commander was carrying around.
  • No GI Joe Dossier this issue.
Characters (figures): Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Jinx, Flint, Lady Jaye, Stalker, Recoil, Ambush, Sneak Peek, Cross Country (cameo), Tomax, Xamot, Hot Seat (cameo), Roadblock (cameo), Tomax, Xamot, SAW Viper

Characters ("comic-only"): Cool Breeze (croaks), Faoud (croaks)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Hammer, Raider, Rolling Thunder
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): Benzheen (Cobra) Huey

Characters: none
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 4 Flag Points

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