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#106- "I Lift my Lamp"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Mark (M.D.) Bright

In the sewers below the Pvnsk gulag, Snake-Eyes comes face-to-face with everyone: Major Bludd, George Strawhacker, the head of the gulag, the White Clown...and even Magda! Snake-Eyes kills the gulag commander, then everyone goes topside where Metz arrives. After some vocal political debates, Metz is publicly exposed as being a corrupt jackass, as he kills Strawhacker in cold blood. But everything ends peacefully, as it appears Magda's benevolent philosophy wins this round. Snake-Eyes snaps out of the Arashikage mindset and returns home with a little girl whom he ignored, last issue.

At the Statue of Liberty, Storm Shadow and Stalker escape their bonds, take out the Feds sent to eliminate them and bum a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.


  • The title, "I Lift My Lamp" is a direct connection to the poem "The New Colossus", which is engraved on the tablet of the Statue of Liberty
  • Snake-Eyes' sister is finally named: "Terri"
  • Snake-Eyes has been running around ocassionally sans mask during this mission. His face appears to have healed quite well, as it just has two vertical scars.
  • Before he dies, Strawhacker instantly recognizes Snake-Eyes. This would be explained circa issue 144.
  • Funny political debate scene as the mob prepares to hang Metz for his new ethnic cleansing policy. Magda urges democracy...so they all VOTE to hang him! But Snake-Eyes shoots the rope and cooler heads prevail.
  • Major Bludd's official mission was to make sure Strawhacker didn't make it out alive. So he has no obligation to shoot Snake-Eyes. For once, Bludd is played up as the straight "mercenary" he was supposed to be.
  • Magda is finally happily reunited with the White Clown.
  • Storm Shadow and Stalker's escape is pretty straightforward. They conveniently eliminate all the Feds, which in a roundabout way cleans Gen. Crowther's hands of the whole thing.
  • After Cobra Commander had taken the corner box for the past few issues, the Hawk/Snake-Eyes box returns this month. I think those two boxes alternate for the next few issues.
  • It's entirely possible that one the DOA Feds sent to eliminate Stormie and Stalker actually appeared in Special Missions #25. But that's stretching, again.
  • Marina (the little girl Snakes take back home) actually first appeared, last issue.
Characters (figures): Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Major Bludd

Characters ("comic-only"): White Clown, Orlovsky, Magda, Metz, George Strawhacker (dies), Marina, Milhouse (DOA Fed, croaks), Starkweather (DOA Fed, croaks)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Raider, Locust, Desert Fox, MARS DEMON, MARS Razorback
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): none to speak of

Characters: Magda, Milhouse (croaks), Starkweather (croaks), Marina (one month late, named this month)
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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