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#103- "Amazing the Welkin"
Writer: Larry Hama
Pencilers: M.D. Bright

Storm Shadow breaks into the Pentagon and forces the Jugglers to cook up a mission for Snake-Eyes. Stormie's theory is that Snake-Eyes needs something to snap him out of the funk he's in (umm...sitting by the love of your life's deathbed isn't TOO shameful, ya' dick). Stormie digs up the case of George Strawhacker-- a guy currently imprisoned in Borovia, who was cut off by the US. Bonus: he was also formerly engaged to Snake-Eyes' twin sister. Stormie puts Snake-Eyes into a merciless "Arashikage Mind Set" and drops him into Borovia.

In Millville, Mutt and Spirit's crew raid a factory... where everybody seems to be completley normal and UN-zombified! Hawk, Law and Order arrive. Seeing no evidence of Cobra occupation, Hawk has no choice but to arrest Spirit and Mutt (looks like Junkyard got off, though). As soon as the Joes and the legitimate authorities leave, Cobra Commander calls the head of the factory and utters the word "Broca". Just like that, the workers are zombified and back to building Terror Dromes, again.

In Sierra Gordo, Roadblock and Misha hold off Darklon's troops at a mountain pass. Roadblock is blinded and Misha's legs are injured...so they work together to escape.

Finally, back in NYC, Scarlett wakes up out of her coma, asking for Snake-Eyes. D'oh....


  • A blind Roadblock with a little guy on his back giving him directions? Well, at least that guy's not saying "wassss a man...wassssss a man!"
  • Muskrat, Lt.Gorky and a few Tucaros were injured, off-panel, since last issue.
  • Darklon stops his pursuit of the Joes. He sold leasing rights to a logging company, which is all set to chop down the rainforest trees. 1990 Environmentalism, chum.
  • The scene with Storm Shadow and the Jugglers is very ridiculous. Sample dialogue: "I want a nice meaty mission for my buddy! No namby-pamby sneak-and-peeks". Umm, that's Storm Shadow?!
  • Fun scenes between Misha and Roadblock as they make their stand:
    Misha: "If one must die, isn't it better to do so covered in glory?"
    Roadblock: "Glory is something my mother sings about in church! I'd rather collect my pension, thank you, kindly!"
  • Misha keeps citing historic battles where the "good guys" died (Little Big Horn, Themopalyae, etc). Roadblock counters with the story of Audie Murphy, who supposedly single-handedly held off a squad of Nazis, then returned home to become a big movie star.
  • In the letters page, Hama adresses the Joe's chain of command (again). Hawk's still the undisputed commander. Duke is still the "first shirt" or "top". Flint is now the X.O (executive officer) and Lt. Falcon is now the S-2. S-3 and S-4 still rotate depending on the mission (this is where he cited Wild Bill, Ace and Cutter in previous issues. It's still the same). So this is the first time Lt. Falcon and Flint have been listed in the chain of command. Flint's headed up a few mission since isuse 50, and Lt. Falcon headed up a field team in the Cobra Civil War...so it's not completely out of the blue.
  • I suppose Stalker and Chuckles-- two Joes have displayed leadership position consistently in the series-- could be slotted into the S-3 and S-4 spots.
Characters (figures): Flint, Lady Jaye, Muskrat, Roadblock, Spirit, Mutt, Junkyard, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Law, Order, Cobra Commander, Darklon

Characters ("comic-only"): Russ the Vet, Spike, Raggedy Mouf, Dragonsky, Daina, Lt. Gorky, Sgt. Misha, Sioban O'Hara, Anibal, Tucaros, Jugglers, Snake-Eyes' sister (in old photo)

Vehicles and stuff (toys): Tiger Sting, Desert Fox, Cobra HISS II, Cobra BUGG, Cobra Condor, MARS DEMON, MARS Razorback
Vehicles and stuff (not toys): US Stealth Bomber

Characters: Gen. Thurston (Juggler, name revealed), George Strawhacker (in old photo)
Vehicles and stuff: none

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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