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G.I. Joe #4- "Operation: Wingfield"
Script: Larry Hama
Plot and Pencils: Herb Trimpe

Summary: Survivalist nut, Vance Wingfield has his own private volunteer militia in Montana, all preparing for an imminent nuclear disaster. To break in his new recruits, he uses them for target practive with live ammo. US Military intelligence has informed the Joes that Wingfield is being funded by "international terrorists, possibly Cobra".

Hawk and Grunt infiltrate the camp as new recruits, while Snake-Eyes plays observer from outside the fences. After two days, Wingfield discovers Hawk and Grunt and decides to step up his master plan-- he plans to bomb Vladivostok, which would trigger a nuclear war between the US and Russia. Then, Wingfield's crew would rise up and take over the world. Wingfield's right-hand man, Carruthers is dispatched in a bomber to attack Russia. Hawk manages to sneak into one of Wingfield's planes and shoots down Carruthers. He just shoots out the fuel tanks, giving Carruthers a chance to bail. He doesn't and the plane crashes over the North Pacific. Wingfield also has a last-ditch contingency plan-- he has another nuke buried beneath his camp, which he'll glady detonate. Wingfield and his army will all die, but it'll make the world stronger.

A mother and child of a trainee demand to leave the camp, and Wingfield threatens to shoot them. Wingfield's wife, Shary, realizes how crazy he is and shoots him in the back. The rest of the Joe team arrives and safely manages to defuse Wingfield's second nuke. As "Camp Victory" is being closed down, two local rednecks drive by the place and note that "there's some real military boys moving into the Wingfield place. Better keep an eye on your women-folk".


  • Stalker is called "Ranger" throughout this issue, as if it were his code-name.
  • Weird cover. It's a generic pin-up, with Hawk wearing a beret and Scarlett without her trademark ponytail. It's a possibility that this was a leftover and re-worked from the original "Fury Force" concept.
  • Wingfield was never declared dead, so I guess his wife was a lousy shot. Or, more likely, she shot to wound her husband, not kill him. I'd buy that.
  • Wingfield was never mentioned or seen again, until 2005's "America's Elite" relaunch. Although his son had a prominent role in a four-issue arc in "G.I. Joe: Frontline", circa 2003. Fans just assumed he was dead.
  • The Cobra connection is confirmed when Grunt and Hawk sneak into a hangar and see all sorts of imported weaponry.
  • Despite the mention of Cobra, this story could have worked for any military-themed comic. Probably Trimpe's doing.
Characters (with figures): Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Grunt. Rest of the team in background roles.

Characters (no action figures, or "comic-only" characters): Vance Wingfield, Shary Wingfield, Carruthers

Vehicles and stuff (toys): nothing

Vehicles and stuff (not toys): A generic army helicopter

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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