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#2- "Panic at the North Pole"
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciller: Don Perlin

Summary: All the members of an American observation station at the North Pole have been found dead. Scarlett, Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Breaker are sent in to investigate. The Russians are suspected and indeed they were the culprits. However, it was due to the influence of a "fear wave" experiment that the Russians were working on. Kwinn the Eskimo has been hired by the Russians to clean up the loose ends. He gets the better of the Joes, and while he soon grows to respect them, he still must fulfill his contract with the Russians. He delivers the "Fear Wave Inducer" to two lone Russians who are waiting for an extraction sub. Kwinn tosses them the fear thingie and leaves, his contract fulfilled. But, Kwinn made sure to give the Joes a chance to catch the Russians. As the story ends, it's implied that the Joes will in fact catch the Russians.


  • All four members are called in from leave. Stalker is "stalking" a 10 point buck for a photo opportunity. Scarlett is at a martial arts competition in San Deigo. Breaker is at MIT, messing with computers. Snake-Eyes is in a "Total Sensory Deprivation" tank in Columbia University.
  • Snake-Eyes emerges from the tank without his mask. It's hidden in shadows, but this is the first time we're told that Snake-Eyes has a hideous face.
  • Stalker trounces around the North Pole in a WHITE parka. Interesting, considering that his 1989 figure revamp depicted him in a white parka. I never knew that there was a possible connection.
  • Cobra is never mentoned or seen in this story. Just the "Russians", the great Cold War villains they were. They even talk about the "Amerikanskis"
  • Kwinn, as he was known to do, narrates and explain stuff WAY too much.
  • Hawk is also never mentioned or seen. The four Joes report directly to General Flagg.
  • Stalker uses his early catchphrase exclamation of "Dag!"
  • Horrible cover with no real focus and too many explosion-blurbs.
  • The Joes construct a makeshift windsurfer to catch up to Kwinn.
  • Only real redeeming aspect of this story is that it introduced Kwinn.
  • I had a coloring book version of this story as a kid. For that reason, I never bothered to pick up this issue, since I knew what it was about. I finally bought the real thing, years later, for about 20 bucks. This book was supposedly under-ordered and became a rarity.

Characters (with figures): Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Breaker

Characters (no figures or "comic-only"): General Flagg. Unnamed military personnel.

Firsties: Characters (no action figures, or "comic-only" characters): Kwinn, two unnamed "Russians"

Rating: 2 Flag Points

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